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Dyslexia refers to any reading difficulty not associated with obvious problems (such as bad eyesight). Dyslexias include the inability to name letters, to read words or sentences, or to recognize words directly even though they can be sounded out. Dyslexia is not limited to reversing the order of letters in reading or writing; it may, for instance, include unexpected spelling mistakes.

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  • Loni

    New to Dyslexia

    My son was just recently diagnosed with Dyslexia.  He has to work harder than everybody else. I hate to see him upset because his peers are calling him stupid or slow. I have had concerns ever since Kindergarten with him.  It just took him so long to do homework and relied on memorization. I was told some of his issues would work itself out by second grade. In second grade, I asked his teacher...
  • deleted_user

    Diagnosing Dyslexia

    Hi everyone I am visiting the group and I will probably bring up a topic that has already been discussed and I will apologize now. However, I wanted to know how a DX is given for dyslexia if the person already has multiple conditions that could mimic dyslexia? My son is dyspraxic and I know dyslexia goes hand in hand with it in many patients. However, my son also has multiple language disorders...
  • deleted_user

    what careers are good choices for dyslexics?

    Hi, I am not dyslexic, but my nephew is. His mother is concerned that he shows little interest in anything (besides Star Wars games) and is not really passionate about any subject. He is 14 years old and quite smart (I think). He is very good at putting things together - like vacuum cleaners and anything with parts that needs some assemnbly. He does not read the directions, he just does it. But...
  • kailajo318


    So I've been getting very frustrated with myself over this and everyone I talk to says it's probably dyslexia (especially since my dad has it) but it's never been bad enough to be diagnosed because I've been able to read "fine." At work I constantly get numbers jumbled up when I'm reading totals to people, I can't spell and sometimes write the letters in the wrong order, and I have a hard time...
  • cherrie123


    Good Evening. I am currently doing a project on creating a product to aid the learning of dyslexic children. My product is a Rubik's cube with letters on it, so instead of matching the colors, the children will match the letters into simple 3 letter words. A part of my project is to get comments from dyslexic people or people who have experience with dyslexic people on my product, and I would...
  • blueskys121212

    overcoming people whi look down on you

    Hi in my life i gave been through so much due to dyslexia.as school was bullied and not only by pupils but also teachers!family looked down at me as i did not measure up to everyone else in the family who could read write and have the confidence to do what i could not do......my bigest problem was inferior thinking about my self.once i over came that i felt free.i got over caring about what...
  • BubblesDavey

    Newly Diagnosed

    I just found out that my grandson has been diagnosed with Dyslexia.I want to learn all I can about this subject.Any comments will help.
  • I have filed an appeal against Somerset County Council's decision to refuse an EHC needs assessment of my child over a week ago. The courts have informed me that although I filed everything correctly they will not put the appeal through until I have included a mediation certificate. The local authority failed to inform me about a mediation certificate when they told me I could appeal against...
  • eensyweensyspider

    Dyslexia reaserch

    I'm interested in researching into dyslexia. I will post a short memory game or logic puzzle on DailyStrength. To make our reaserch as valid as possible we need to have as many pieces of data possible. Write back if you will support this!
  • deleted_user

    Need HELP! Grade 1 with severe dyslexia

    I am a speech therapy student currently working with a grade 1 with severe dyslexia. She is learning to recognize the letters of the alphabet now with plasticine letters, but I feel she needs to learn the sounds to the letters (phonics). I just did a test with her to see how sensitive she is to speech sounds/phonology, and she could not even do the first question. So, this little one really...
  • deleted_user

    Dyslexia pull out during Math

    My 9 year-old daughter is now in the dyslexia program at her school. But she is being pulled for the first 20 minutes of her math class. She is missing the review and concept introduction portion of class. She is now failing. Math used to be her strong subject. She's failing because she's missing the most important part of class. The teachers say there isn't anything that can be done about...
  • Victorious

    to turtor or not, does it work

    If you have experience with the following, I would like your input. Is it worth to go with a therapist and a program? I am an adult with dyslexia and I have reached a point of desperation therefore I any assistance you can share on this topic.
  • serenityspeaks

    at a loss

    I have a 6 yr old girl in 1st grade. She is struggling terribly failing pretty much. I have had concerns with her learning since 1st grade started. Her spelling mistakes aren't normal very odd. I talked to her teacher right away whom wasn't overly concerned. 2 mos later conferences came and while teacher admits she struggles she is progressing with clsssroom, tries very hard, and participates in...
  • Jessie12290


    Hello everyone,I am new to the site and this group. I am not officially diagnosed yet but, in the process of getting tested. I decided to join because, I had a few questions about dyslexia and really don't know much about it nor Dyscalculia. To be honest, I have never heard of them till I entered my college years. In my past like High School I was asked numerous times by some of my classmates If...
  • satcom66

    Need legal help

    I live in California. I have a 9-year old son who has been doing very poorly in reading for years. His state standard test scores are 100% for Algebra and 40% for Reading Comprehension. My brother and my father both have similar reading difficulties.My ex wife has made a cornerstone of her attacks on me that I think our son may have a Learning Disability. In fact, she so convinced the court I...