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  • santosem

    Stress level today.....

    So today was very laid back. I completed assignments that I said I was going to complete and that was awesome. This week I have little assignments, so not much stress right now or hopefully in the future. Maybe I can get ahead for next weeks assignments, but I will see how I am doing by the end of this week.
  • luluj

    Sorority Rush Anxiety

    This will be my second year going through recruitment / sorority rush. I'm supposed to spend three days (for ~6 hours a day) talking to potential sisters. I'm very introverted and not a very skilled conversationalist, and also I have less training this year than last. I'm really freaking out about it and I'm not sure how I'll make it through it.Does anyone have any tips? Either about rush or...
  • I have so many tests this last week and this week but I can't seem to find it in me to care. I've made flashcards and all my study tools but I don't even care how I do on them. I think it's probably because I'm not taking any classes that are actually interesting to me.Also, I'm debating on changing my major yet again. Which I get is totally normal but absolutely nothing sounds interesting. Right...
  • foreverrain

    Petty Classmates

    I just need to vent. So, it's my last semester at school and it has been a wild ride on the world's shittiest rollercoaster. A few days ago one of my friends came to me and said, "Be nice to Dr. Smith (not professor's real name),  she's sick and has a baby". I looked at her with complete confusion. She then said, "I was told that you were bad-mouthing the professor. Josh (not student's real...
  • KindnessEarthyVibes

    New here

    Hi, I thought I should make a post since I joined the group... I am going into my junior year at college and it has been very stressful getting back into the swing of classes so far. On top of my schoolwork I am in a sorority and while I love it, it is a huge time commitment and takes a lot of priority over my schedule so I do not have much time for friends outside of the sorority.
  • Besides the massive amount of reading that I have done for the first two weeks I do not feel overwhelmed, but I know the storm is coming soon and I am not sure how I feel about it nor how I am going to get myself prepared.
  • StayStrong0302

    First Week

    Survived the first week but a nice labor day vacation was definitely an added bonus. Back to classes on wednesday. Good luck to all!!!
  • taevans

    Good Luck

    Good luck to those starting back school. I am finishing up my online course at Capella where I am studying School Counseling. I have 2 weeks left in this quarter and I will be so happy to finish up. I have enjoyed this course on Group Counseling and have really learnt a lot. Remember that self care is important so I hope everyone takes some time to do something they enjoy doing. I went to the...
  • I'm a film major and in order to graduate I have to go on an internship as a senior for 12 credits. I live in Massachusetts and I'll be going on internship in California this summer. I have a very close relationship to my family and I have never been far from them. I see my family every weekend so the idea of being a plane ride away from them for 3 months terrifies me. I have a boyfriend but I...
  • gratefulmess

    New Member

    I went back to college 2 years ago and I will be 34 this month. I have a 2 and half year old which makes doing homework, well doing anything, very challenging. I am almost done with my Associates and I am off for the summer because financial aid will only pay for 2 semesters a year. With that being said I'd like to try taking 15 credits in the fall instead of 12 to hurry the process along a bit...
  • StayStrong0302

    Just beginning

    Hi, this is the first time that I have posted. I just started my junior year of college and it already seems that I will have a long long long semester. I am glad that I have the new found ability to talk about my stress rather than bottle it up like I usually do.
  • Hey everyone,It's my first post. I just wanna say how great this forum is for everyone seeking support on whatever it is that they need. So many people can benefit from this.I am here because I want to be the best I can be. I know these words seem overused but it certainly can be done.I know I have dreams, big dreams that I am capable of achieving. But I also realize that my thoughts are, to a...
  • As far as the students are concerned, writing every assignment matters and they need to make their every assignment top quality to get better results. Writing is a very common activity for the learners of all levels. You have to deal with writing from school, college and university levels. It’s a challenge but can present good knowledge to students. Students can grow through their writing...
  • I really wanted to get into an prestigious art program at my school, that will further my continuation studies I have been doing. I screwed up big time with taking an unnecessary class and not revising my portfolio that needed to be approved by the program staff. I feel like with the college education I have in my field I really do not have the skills to go to work. This fear keeps building that...
  • hi I'm natty I am a sophmore in college and I'm bi polar and I thought I could handle going to college full time but I don't know if I can so whats the problem why not just go part time you might ask well you see I can't afford to go to college on loans I can't take out loans can't afford it and because I'm going full time I get pell grants thats basically a full ride I don't want to drop out and...