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This community is dedicated to the unique challenges and stresses of being in college or university, including: relationship challenges, roommates, financial issues, academics, and questions about careers and future. College is exciting, scary, fulfilling, and sometimes a little out of control. Get support from other students and make a new friend!

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  • sky2

    graduating in a year and worried about grad school

    Does anyone else worry about graduating in a year, wondering if your grades are good enough to get into a grad school, and not knowing what career you want?
  • deleted_user

    How do you qualify for a federal loan?

    I applied for a federal loan but I recieve financial aid and the FA department told me I have to write them a letter stating why I need a loan. I am unsure what the loan is suppose to be for. I thought loans were for students that need money to live off of and not only to pay for classes. I don't know what to write in the letter but I do need the loan and I really need money.
  • Garfieldfan

    I feel exhausted. Did anyone have this feeling?

    Hello, everyone! This year I graduate. Now there are lots of things to do, like, getting prepared for defending diploma and choosing where to apply for Master’s course, finding job. However, I feel too exhausted to do anything. Literally. Like, for the last 2 months  I wake up tired, the things I used to like don’t seem interesting anymore.  I used to feel anxious a lot before exams, but...
  • rosieg


    I am confused. I go to a good college and i have a really good financial aid package here, but i feel drawn toward the college that my parents and brother went to and my boyfriend goes to now. It is much more expensive, and to transfer would cause a bit of chaos and probably push my graduation back. It is also a bigger college, and i always wanted to go to a smaller one, like the one i'm at now....
  • monteqc

    Not suited for college

    I'm at my fourth year in college and I still find myself severely lacking as a person to make it through the challenges I have to face. I'm still a very irresponsible person. I constantly submit past deadlines and let my groupmates down. I always cram reviewing for my exams and I always submit mediocre work. I constanly cut classes coz I just don't have the discipline to wake up on time. And if I...
  • birukabate

    What to do?

    Sometimes I think God wants me to go back to school and other times not at all. My parents want me too, I think I do, and it seems right in the world. But I also feel God is focusing me on service! I mean I feel the biological clock ticking and myself being the one throwing it all away?
  • EM_1


    Hi,everyone. I am first year student currently finishing my second semester. I have my exams like in two weeks but I dont have any motivation to study or whatever. Can you advise me what to do because I think I will go nuts otherwise?
  • vballer123

    Time Management

    I am currently a sophomore in college, and one of my biggest struggles is time management. I often find myself waiting until the last moment to complete assignments and study for tests, which I think is why my grades are not great. I struggle to balance my time between my schoolwork (classes and intense homework load), my job, going to the gym, having time to exercise, and have a social life....
  • Euphoria_Gnome

    Let's talk about therapy pets.

    Hiya.So one of my favorite things in the world is my little red-eared slider turtle, Gregory (who is a girl). She lives with my roommate and me in our dorm. Why do I have a non-fish friend in my dorm? Because she's registered with my school as a therapy animal! (Actually, she's registered as an accronym I can't quite remember, but that's beside the point.) Yay!(Now, it might seem rather strange...
  • Anonymous08

    College Disaster and more

    UGH! That's all I have to say about that.Originally I was going to school for Graphic Design at a local private college. I got into an opportunity program that supports me financially as well as academically. I started summer of 2012. It took me a long, long time to make any friends there. I mostly stayed in my own little corner of the school. Mostly staying in my opportunity programs office. I...
  • Nemo7

    I could have done better.

    I failed by exam in BUS25, I got a 32/50 64%I needed to get a minimum of 80% to avoid doing the presentation. Because I fell far below that I am forced to present. I am terrified of speaking in front of people. I remember the announcement of getting a Citizenship Award and blacked out for the actual standing on stage getting it. Same thing happened in my English class last semester; we had to...
  • olivergibbs

    Making an Excellent Dissertation Abstract Chapter

    As far as the students are concerned, writing every assignment matters and they need to make their every assignment top quality to get better results. Writing is a very common activity for the learners of all levels. You have to deal with writing from school, college and university levels. It’s a challenge but can present good knowledge to students. Students can grow through their writing...
  • Nemo7


    I have not slept properly in over a month; I been up for two days finishing homework and preparing for exams. Every time I turn in something I have to begin another. I cannot keep this up, it is draining me. I am trying to find a balance between homework and relax but every time I relax I feel guilty for even breathing because that time could be better spent doing homework and preparing for exams.
  • abdulmominp

    Support Mackenzie Walters

    Here is an opportunity to support an teenager who has faced adversity and prospered. She holds dear place in my heart and her ambition inspires me. With your help, money should never be an obstacle to stop someone from achieving their dreams.
  • newmeus2016

    Feeling Moody

    So I worked really hard to get myself in school, find a job, etc live a stable life and my family shits on my life whenever they feel like it