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Cirrhosis is a consequence of chronic liver disease, most commonly caused by alcoholism and hepatitis C. Ascites is the most common complication of cirrhosis and is associated with a poor quality of life, increased risk of infections, and a poor long term outcome. Liver damage from cirrhosis cannot be reversed, but treatment can stop or delay further progression and reduce complications.

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  • akacountrygirl


    I have advanced Cirrohsis of the Liver and am starting to have complications from it.  I need support and friends.I don't have a positive outlook on recovery of any type due to living where there is poor medical care.  And the fact that I am going through this with very little support.Please, I am reaching out because I need a reason to live.
  • Todd.Bee

    Our story. Questions remain.

    Hello everyone.It has been awhile since I've visited these boards, had to make a new account and everything.  I came here today to share my mom and I's experience with cirrhosis and liver disease.  This story does not end very merrily.  And I hope it doesn't run super long.  This is the first time I've looked for some help and experience from others, and the first time I will detail how...
  • saltavar

    New to group

    I had hep-c for just about 50 years. Was treated for it in 2014 successfully. I have cirrhosis though and starting to feel a little tired and weak in the left arm and hand. All my labs are good except platelets. They are about 110-112. I can eat ok and have a healthy life style. How long can I expect to be around if I continue to eat right and keep a positve attitude? I am 70 years old and...
  • MLTTexas

    Hi to old friends.

    Been missing you all, so thought I better check in. Many of you know my history - Hep C for many years, led to early Cirrhosis and cancer in 2010, received transplant in July, 2010 which got rid of the cancer and Cirrhosis but not the Hep C which moved into my second liver. Then in 2014 took Hep C treatments and now it is undetected. It's possible that before the Hep C treatments I had...
  • My husband (56) has cirrhosis and just had 5 liters of ascities fluid drawn on Friday. His MELD is 16. I've learned a lot on my own, most of which is not good. He has active HepC but will start treatment soon if we are approved. He has sporadic bouts of HE and does not take his Lactulose properly. Still drinks beer and wine; about 6-8 beers a day and a big bottle of wine a day. ☹️He is skin...
  • Padukxa20

    Could I have cirrhosis

    First I would like to apologize if I offend anyone here for asking for your opinions and guidance, I know you all have your own struggles and hope my asking does not seem rude.I have been drinking for about three years, for the last two I was a very heavy drinker, drinking about 6 shots a night on average. In late July I got bad cold and coughed alot and violently for about 4 weeks, at this time...
  • deleted_user

    Tips Procedure

    I have enstage liver disease and my only problem with it is the ascitis. Few people have mentioned the TIPS procedure which they put a shunt(stent) in liver to direct the fluid elsewhere. I am consideration this since it will soon be my 6th draining since October. Any suggestions or information would be great!
  • bullet16

    NASH related cirrhosis

    Hi, new to this and a support group. I was wondering what lies ahead for me. I have alot of symptoms and things going wrong. But i would like to know on a personel level what to expect. Mental,emoional,and spiriitual. I am glad to be here. Where ican get some info and give some as well. And hopefully find a few friends that understand what i am going through. Not alot of people know what NASH is...
  • Farmergirl

    Fibroscan reliability

    Dear People, I am new to this group and I would like advice about two Fibroscan tests which I had recently, six months apart.  Both tests gave about the same result.  How reliable are fibroscans for predicting the presence or absence of cirrhosis?  My doctor prescribed the tests, but won't discuss the results, which is why I could use some input.Thank you!
  • mwr59

    chia seeds

    Hi all, I have had good labs with most numbers normal.  Platelets still low but INR okay.  We backed off the diuretics some and notice a bit more water retention.  Have been on a ketogenic diet to try get blood sugar and metabolic syndrome under control (blood sugar levels are improving).  Due to not eating processed foods and being on the keto diet I have been adding sea salt, maybe need to...
  • Prash

    Cirrhosis with hyperlipidemia

    Hi everyone. Diagnosed with cirrhosis in Jan 2016 ,alcohol related. stopped alcohol since may2016, feeling fatigue though it improved significantly after alcohol cessation. How ever my Hb is 11.2 ,Platelet 99.and bili 75 mmol. AST and ALT came normal. The Bp stays around 106/68mmhg. I am on low salt and low fat diet but my cholesterol is very high 8.9 and ldl is 6. am very worried about the...
  • Trissa01

    FINALLY got Back IN

    Sorry, along with thousands of others I have been locked out of the new DS. Hope everyone is doing OK and how many have been able to get back in? It took me over a month, six weeks? Many would've given up. I was ready to dump it but just gave it one  more try. The site wpuldn't even allow me to reset my password.  I'll get back to our business at hand soon, just want to reach out to some...
  • littlemart

    Have you had your gallbladder yanked?

    My husband (non alcoholic cirrhosis) had his gb out last summer.. almost a year ago. He has more belly pain and heartburn now than he ever did before. Being a man, he refuses to go back to the doctor.. thinks he knows better than the docs. So, he is suffering.Does anyone know anything about this kind of thing? Is there any help for it? Could this really be a result of having the gb taken...
  • nymima

    Don't kid yourselves

    I come to the site occasionally, but today I have a message to those who think they can still drink with cirrhosis. My message today is to tell you that you absolutely cannot have alcohol if you want to live. My sister is the one who brought me to this site originally. She has alcoholic liver disease from 40 plus years of drinking. She seems to be doing okay today because she stopped drinking...
  • nymima

    Back pain with cirrhosis

    My sister has cirrhosis. She has had kidney problems in the past related to her cirrhosis. Today she told me that she has bad back pain and she insists it's a back problem. She said the pain is the worst pain she's ever had. I encouraged her to go to her doctor, but if she thinks it's her back, then I'm not sure she will go. Is it possible it could be her kidneys again? She has a...