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Cirrhosis is a consequence of chronic liver disease, most commonly caused by alcoholism and hepatitis C. Ascites is the most common complication of cirrhosis and is associated with a poor quality of life, increased risk of infections, and a poor long term outcome. Liver damage from cirrhosis cannot be reversed, but treatment can stop or delay further progression and reduce complications.

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  • akacountrygirl

    How to deal

    I wish I could learn to deal with cirrohisis.  Between that and Hep C, I am slowly dying.  No sense in trying to get a transplant.  Facilities are too far away.  I did TX for hep c and it didn't help.I had made up my mind that these diseases would not rob me of happiness; however, the depression is making that difficult.  Why can't I get straightened out?  I know the answers but have no...
  • renebur

    advice on sleep plz

     hi all my uncle has advanced cirrhosis of the liver his sleeping habits now totally suck he can't sleep at night when he's up till four in the morning he's tried over-the-counter medications he's tried Ambien nothing is working has anyone out here tried something that doesn't harm the liver that works for sleep I don't know how to reverse this for him any tips idea  suggestions I would surely...
  • flowerchick

    Liver education

    i have been diagnosed with cirrosis about a year ago. Finally educating myself on the subject. Getting very scared
  • Sammy566

    Things I experienced surviving Cirrhosis.

    Things I experienced while having Cirrhosis,Pain in liver areaLow plateletsHigh INRDiabetesPortal pressureHemorrhoidsVarices in esophagusFluid in lungsFluid in belly and body (Ascites)Hepatic EncephalopathyLoss of appetiteSevere anemiaSevere fatigueSleep reversalLow immunityEDLack of concentrationLoss of driving privilegesForgetfulnessDepressionTooth and gum decayLow hemoglobinMood changesPain...
  • Thirtieschild

    Non-alcoholic early cirrhosis

    My husband, who is 79, was just diagnosed with early non-alcoholic cirrhosis. A little bit of history: He's had delayed bleeding all his life--when he was seven he had to have a blood transfusion after a tonsillectomy, when he was 55 he came very close to dying, turned "a blue indicative of death" because of delayed bleeding after a thyroidectomy, throughout his life various minor procedures have...
  • trishure

    My Father's Fight with Cirrhosis

    Hello all :),I am new to this group. My primary reason for joining is to have a support group to help us and give us any info that might help my father who is battling liver cirrhosis caused by alcohol drinking and hepa B. He was diagnosed with the disease last December 2016. One of his doctors is also looking at the possibility of bile duct cancer. It was not confirmed since my father refused to...
  • jody

    Help needed

    my mum was told about 5 months ago that she has cirrhosis of the liver. She found out as her stomach was full of fluid. She looked 6 months pregnant. Since then she has quickly deterated. She has dropped about 30 kgs. She is in pain in the stomach and just lies in bed. You can see she has no muscle in her body. Her eyes are yellow but have been yellow for as long as I can rember. She was told...
  • lovingdaughter


    Hi my dad is a 74 yr who has end stage liver cirrhosis and in remission of colon cancer.  He is not a candiate for a donor or live donor transplant.  His MELD score is a 10 which is low, but my GOD he looks so sick.  The doctor says his liver is critical and we are set to see a hepatologis hopefully next week.  He is not jaundice but he has lost all body mass and continues to lose weight, has...
  • cjs1957

    Back pain

    my husband has cirrhosis, enlarged spleen. It's non alcoholic. He is having severe pain in his back along with pain in his liver area. Is back pain normal? He's on lactalose for ammonia level which he refuses to take at times. He thinks he is thinking clearly when he's not. Thanks 
  • CBBristol

    early Cirrhosis and pain

    HelloMy dad was recently diagnosed with early [alcoholic] Cirrhosis. he is 68, does not smoke.he does not have all the symptoms though - no ascites, no jaundice.his early complaints was inability to walk due to pain in leg muscles. he described his pain as "wandering pain" - it moved from legs to his back, then his arms/shoulders now his legs again. he is scared to take painkillers because of...
  • VioletOwens


    Hello, I just need some support right now. I'm now 20 and have cirrhosis. I recently had labs done because I was put on new medicine and they told me this medicine was really good, but the only problem is, my levels aren't going back down like the should be and the medicine isn't working very well. I really don't know what to do at this point or what to expect 
  • MLTTexas

    Hi to old friends.

    Been missing you all, so thought I better check in. Many of you know my history - Hep C for many years, led to early Cirrhosis and cancer in 2010, received transplant in July, 2010 which got rid of the cancer and Cirrhosis but not the Hep C which moved into my second liver. Then in 2014 took Hep C treatments and now it is undetected. It's possible that before the Hep C treatments I had...
  • akacountrygirl


    I have advanced Cirrohsis of the Liver and am starting to have complications from it.  I need support and friends.I don't have a positive outlook on recovery of any type due to living where there is poor medical care.  And the fact that I am going through this with very little support.Please, I am reaching out because I need a reason to live.
  • levoo


    Again, waiting to the last minute to do everything I need to do.Dear who ever, please bring DS a new web designer.  If you build it, they will come.
  • shelleyekg

    More bad days than good days

    Hi Group.  My name is Shelley I am a 61 yr old disabled woman, wife, mother of 3  I was diagnosed with Hep C in 97 and did Interferon (Nightmare).  I did Harvoni and have been "cured" a year ago April.  I developed cirrhosis over the years,  I am stage 4 but still compensated.  I have Primary Billiary Cholangitis. PBC.  I have REALLY bad RUQ pain.  No one listens. I had a recent CT scan...