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all in one migraine symptom reliever?

Hey y’all! I was wondering if anyone here knew or had advice for finding the best solution to relieve migraine symptoms



There is no "all in one" Migraine Reliever. I've had Cluster Migraines for close to 10 yrs now, Cluster meaning they can last up to 13 days.

I use a daily preventative medication called Topomax. At onset I use either Imitrex or Axert depending on which med cycle I'm on. I also use 1 oz. of dark chocolate and a cup of Caffeine.

One of the best ways to handle and treat the Migraines is to track when they come and what causes them by keeping a Migraine Journal. Like I know that my Migraines are triggered by changes in Barometric Pressure, Spring and Fall Allergies, Perfumes that touch my skin, etc.

If you're able to pin down your Triggers its much easier to treat the Migraines, but even then there is never 1 magic pill to treat them.

The closest thing to an "all in one" are the triptans, but those you take when you are getting a bad migraine. They take care of the pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. But they can cause rebound headaches, so you can only take those no more than 2x per week. So it's not something you can take all the time.

As OldPCer said above, the best thing to do is to track your migraines and find out your triggers. For me, it's hormones, barometric pressure, allergies, certain scents, some foods, bright sunlight, and heat. I've had a none stop migraine since May 29th. Summer itself is just a trigger for me. Once fall hits, it will go away, but a 4 month long migraine is torturous.

Anyway, if you don't have a migraine specialist (not a neurologist), you might consider getting one. There are many, many preventatives you could go on to lessen your migraine symptoms to begin with.

Biofeedback and neurofeedback, which use sensitive electronic instruments to monitor and teach control of your physiology, are excellent treatments for reducing and even eliminating migraines. You can find a practitioner at or

Depending on the strength, type of migraine and length you can take triptans as much as you need them. Advil and Tylenol if taken everyday all day can cause rebound headaches. But triptans are one of the few onset meds for migraines, I've had to take them for 5, 10, 13 days at a time because I have Cluster Migraines. I see a Migraine Specialist/Neurologist at Duke and I've never been restricted in use of Triptans. I also use injections not pills.

I suggest googling Botox for migraine & plastic surgery for migraine. Botox isn't a permanent solution but seems to have far fewer risks than migraine drugs & could lead you to what appears to be a much more promising, perhaps permanent solution (and boy do I really hope so!) -- plastic surgery for migraine (nerve decompression surgery or facelifts for migraine). Apparently these surgeons deal with the (what appears to be the *most probable*) cause of migraines: nerve irritation or actual nerve damage. Again, migraines are still not very well understood but studies are showing real progress in reduction and even elimination of migraines altogether (for a large portion of patients, too). Just like the accidental discovery of Botox as a migraine treatment came from people having Botox for cosmetic reasons... a similar thing was happening with certain surgical/facelift procedures for cosmetic reasons. Scientific studies require time to monitor long-term results... but what I've read so far has made me finally feel like there may be a way out of this migraine prison.

As for me, I just started Botox & am meeting with a neurosurgeon soon to discuss potential surgical options... it will depend on how my migraines react to the Botox. I believe that's to help us determine which nerves my migraines *may* be stemming from.

I hope no one takes this as rude but I personally do not buy into the 'find your triggers' or relax or reduce stress or other ideas that, as far as I can tell, exist only to give people *hope* that they could have some control over migraines but I don't see any actual validity to them. I'll just say, human brains are easily fooled. What's a possible trigger? From personal experience here's what ended up on my list: breathing, eating, sleeping and being alive.

Anyway, these surgeries are the only possible permanent solutions I've seen even being discussed and remember there are no guarantees with any surgery (or drug). And of course, just as drugs have risks & side-effects, surgery also has risks. So every person has to decide how they want to go about their own treatment. As someone with vestibular migraines that last for months at a time... I've lost 20 years to this garbage & frankly it's an understatement to say that I'm not satisfied with the ineffectiveness & side-effects of standard migraine treatments.

Anyway, I recommend googling Botox & plastic surgery for migraine. You can see what other people have done & their experience -- that's where I started & was highly motivated by the experience & relief other people who have had the surgery. There are even several studies so far on surgery & it's effectiveness over time. Good luck to us all.

OldPCer, I'm happy to hear that you don't get rebounds from triptans, but they do have that side effect, unfortunately....and it does happen quite a bit. I know for me personally, if I go past 3 days of a triptan, it feels like a cluster headache has hit me, and that is my classic rebound symptom. I know you have migraines, but I don't know if you have cluster headaches. You've never mentioned it. They are also called suicide headaches. I literally want to drive my head into the wall or wooden floor. They are so much worse than my migraine. But that's how I know a medicine has thrown me into a rebound. For me, the triptans are the worst offenders. :(
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