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Cervical cancer is a malignancy of the cervix. Worldwide, it is the second most common cancer of women. It may present with vaginal bleeding but symptoms may be absent until the cancer is in advanced stages, which has made cervical cancer the focus of intense screening efforts utilizing the Pap smear. This is the place to talk about your experience with the cancer.

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Cost of LEEP in office vs. hospital?

Hi Everyone. I have been told I need LEEP after a biopsy showing moderate dysplasia. Cost is what is most worrisome for me, as I work three part time jobs that pay peanuts since I cannot find a full time job with benefits, and I have my own (crappy) health insurance. I know my doctor prefers to do the procedure in the hospital, but I think I'm going to have to refuse, because as much as I'd like to be knocked out, my checkbook is simply not going to stand for it.

My question is, what is the cost of LEEP for those of you who have had it done in office, before insurance? My insurance will help some, because I will be getting the insurance contract price; however, after that I'm on my own until I meet my $6,000 deductible (Yep! 6000!). Im also curious about the cost to have it done in the hospital, though from what I've read it's crazy high, like over my deductible high, so I probably shouldn't even think about that.

On a side note, I know there are clinics that will do these things for free, IF you have NO insurance. But, because I am trying to be responsible and pay $100 a month for this high deductible insurance in case I get hit by a bus, I get screwed. There are programs to help the uninsured and very poor, but nothing for us underinsured people trying to make ends meet. It's really depressing.

Anyway, any figures you can throw out will be appreciated :) Thanks!



I had the LEEP procedure this past May. I didn't have insurance and could not afford the procedure myself. I did some digging around online and found that my state (as well as many others) offers a woman's cancer (breast cancer/cervical cancer) grant that covers the entire cost of the procedure! All I had to do was contact the clinics that accepted the grant and schedule an appt. I had to fill out only one sheet of paper on my income (the income requirements aren't too bad, I made $2000 a month and was still accepted), then they completed everything for me. The grant covered my PAP, Biopsy and the LEEP.

I'm in the same position. Planned Parenthood would do my colpo and LEEP for $500. So maybe the $300 - $400 range although I can't imagine just the colpo being only $100 so probably a little less!

The colpo actually cost me $550 (with 3 biopsies) after insurance adjustment. The LEEP (in office) is going to be $800 but I don't know what the insurance will adjust it to, if any. To be put to sleep in the hospital was going to be well over $1500 so that option is out for me.

It's really stupid that because I have high deductible insurance, I have to pay more than if I had no insurance and could go to the clinics for the uninsured.
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