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A bone marrow transplant is a medical procedure most often performed for people with diseases of the blood or bone marrow, or certain types of cancer. Whether you are thinking of donating or the recipient of a bone marrow donation, this is the place to discuss your thoughts and experience, and ask questions.

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  • Alysonking


    My mom is day 13 post allogeneic BMT. Her donor was a perfect match. She developed an infection 2 days after her transplant and has been sedated on a ventilator in the icu since. The doctors and nurses seem so sure that everything is going to be fine but it's hard to stay positive. Her vitals are all strong and her organs are still all working. They don't want to take her off the ventilator until...
  • Nicolelee

    Fertility after transplant

    My boyfriend had an allogeneic bone marrow transplant in November of 2016. We now want to start a family together however he is still not producing semen. I'm hoping to hear from others who have had transplant that they have become fertile again... just looking for hope.... ???
  • Venkey

    AML blood cancer

    Hi,  my dad (57) had AML,  present he have fever from three days and some tongue ulcers (two), they are raises body temperature.  Please help what i do
  • My dad is 63 and has relapsed AML, scheduled for a BMT in the next month. His spirits are somewhat down although faith high. I am requesting positive stories of transplant, successes whether large or small, any insights to help encourage, helpful hints or learned from experience. Thank you in advance.
  • bmt2011

    BMT Long term

    Hello, I had a bone marrow transplant 2 1/2 years ago and I am still experiencing fatigue.  I was wondering if there are others who have gone through the same?
  • maylo91

    Advice me

    Hello i just signed up in this website because am freaking out am getting BMT after 10days and ivwas previously diagnosed with ALL and i relapsed and my only choice now is BMT am only 24 and the BMT gonna be in my birthday i feel sad i need supportive friends that understand my pain i have been crying the past two days am very scared i dont know what am facing how should i deal with it or how the...
  • deleted_user

    getting re-vaccinated

    Tomorrow I will be re-vaccinated for pertussis, influenza, pneumonia, measles mumps rubella, polio and Hepatitis. There might be one more, I can't remember them all!Anybody ever done this post-bone marrow or stem cell transplant? Did you have a lot of side effects? I am planning on going about my normal day, but I am wondering how I will fell afterward.Thanks for any replies.
  • Moore40

    Stem Cell Transplant and the BK virus

    My sister had a Stem Cell Transplant on May 5th and was told today she had a BK virus. I was wondering if anyone else got this virus after their transplant and what it this virus does? I was reading on line and it is normally found in patients who have received a Kidney transplant. Does this mean her body is rejecting the Stem Cells? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  • Be a Hero!Swab to Save a Life!, September 13, 20151:00 PM 5:00 PMWorkshop Chicago935 W Chestnut St., Suite 530Chicago, IL 60642My father, James Kammer M.D., was diagnosed with Myelodysplasia in 2013 that had shut down his bone marrow after going to the doctor for a leg injury and was told he needed a...
  • RayJ1950

    Odd sudden pains that come & go?

    I had a BMT almost 2 yrs ago & it cured my MDS & for the most part I've been doing good past yr & almost back to normal activities BUT I keep having these strange sudden pains for no apparent reason & can't figure out the cause. Doc doesn't seem to have an answer either. The pain can strike out of the blue in various places. My foot, arm, head, chest, finger - you get the idea. Never last very...
  • deleted_user

    Need a bone marrow transplant asap

    Hi all im new to the group, im just wondering if anyone has had a BMT and if so what happens and how long will i need for reovery and stuff? i dont no much about it, all i no is that im not going to survive more than 6months without having one :( which is pretty scary as im on 23, i dont really no whas going on and that, all i no is that i have been told im very poorly and im scared because the...
  • deleted_user


    My mom has to start taking Voriconazole for a fungus infection in her lungs. Has anyone had to take this drug if so how did you feel when you first started to take it ( side effects ) . Any information or advice would be helpful . Thank you.
  • deleted_user

    growth hormones and steriods ?? anyone

    Hi everyone I am 30 years of age and I had AML Leukaemia 5 years ago and was treated with chemo and then relapsed a year later so I needed a bone marrow transplant which was successful I am very great full to have survived but I am left with a lot of problems which seem to be growing and getting harder to deal with. including nerve and joint pains, sore muscles body aches. My eyes don't produce...
  • deleted_user

    Looking for help

    Hello everyoneThis is my first post here. I have a little cousin who is 9 and he has ALD. ALD runs in our family unfortunately and it has taken the lives of some before us. My cousin recently started to develop symptoms relating to his condition and is deteriorating rather quickly. In search of a suitable donor, they thought they had one but it turned out that it was only 4/6 match which...
  • deleted_user

    B12 shots

    hi guys, my mom is about 310 days post transplant and we have already started to taper the cyclosporine. She is on 25mg once a day, and hoping to end it next month. Although her red count/hemoglobin is real low. The local hematologist has suggested to administer B12 shots bc her b12 was on the low side.The transplant dr's say that is fine to do (separate facility/state), and I remember them...