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Bipolar disorder is not just a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders marked by periods of abnormally high energy and euphoria, often accompanied by bouts of clinical depression. This is the place to talk about your experience with bipolar disorder, learn from others' experiences, and find support.

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  • MayB


    Do you feel active in making your own choices?Or do you feel passive and go with the flow?Or do you feel like a mix of active and passive?
  • MoobbusT

    Some tunes maybe

    Musical therapy anyone?Mellow magic this one :-)I've heard more than one critic say it's better than the original... if you can believe that!'S cover Cher 'Believe' for Like A Version
  • kisses2016

    Financially overwhelmed

    I was expecting a decent tax refund but the government has confiscated my entire refund. I have two pay day loans I'm not sure how to pay back, my car needs to go to the shop, I'm planning a trip in April. My refund was supposed to help with all that and now I have nothing. I am horrible at managing my money I don't know what to do. All this has me depressed and hoplesess. I don't know what to...
  • SeekingTheStars

    Needing help with answers

    I was in an 8 month relationship with a guy and he moved in with me the last month of it and everything seemed perfect. We had fun and talked every day and planned a future. On this past Monday I came home from work and he was just gone, no answers no note no anything just gone. I came to find out later that day he went back to his hometown to be with his ex girlfriend that I never knew about....
  • VoltaireArcane

    Invega Sustenna saved my life-INVEGA REVIEW

    So, about 6-8 months ago, my pdoc put me on the Invega (Invega Sustenna) long-acting monthly injections (because she knew damn well that I never took my meds). And I'm going to list the pros and cons of Invega, but before that, let me tell you that it's truly been a lifesaver.Some of the side effects I'm going to make mention of have to do with libido, so read at your own risk. They won't be...
  • anonymousme

    Doing so much better

    I am currently getting a monthly intramuscular shot of abilify (I am bad about taking pills consistently.) I take lamictal (lamotrigine.) I just started bupropian (buspar.) YEAH!!!! I got off the ADD meds entirely. I decided to take better care of myself. These are the things I do now instead...(sort of a repost)********************************************************************I like to get...
  • Niccid


    my house is generally pretty cluttered I admit I'm not a good housekeeper but I am very overwhelmed by the chaos that has resulted from mom's passing. Most of her things are here despite the fact she hadn't lived with me for probably almost a year. When I came home from work today it was to even more mess of paperwork that someone appears to be sorting. My dining room is a disaster! I make myself...
  • kisses2016


    I've pretty much accepted that at nearly 26 years old I will never again have a boyfriend, I will never work full time again, I will never move out. And rather than be depressed I've just accepted this. It'll just be easier that way. Lonely, but easy. And I have my family anyway
  • BothsidesBroken

    Prednisone angry

    This is bad! Very very bad. 9 hours after a doctor-prescribed double dose of Prednisone and I started wanting to peel people open like cans of tuna. Racing thoughts are now rampant after 2 full weeks being gone. Fuck!Not taking the rest in next two days. The rash over my whole body can just kill me. Not certain what caused the rash but this cure is  bullshit! I told the doc I had severe trouble...
  • TC40


    ten years ago I went to the ER because my back hurt very badly. I went into emergency surgery to remove my appendix. When I woke up my dad told me they found that a tumor had ruptured through my appendix   A week later, I was Diagnosed with appendix cancer. From there, I had two major surgeries. I remain cancer free ten years later.  I know I should feel grateful, but I hurt everywhere from...
  • Community LeaderSunCloudJD

    Friends and Family of Bipolar

    Hi All.... It's great to see all of the new people joining the site... I'm loving it!!...smileI'm not sure if people are aware that if you don't have Bipolar Disorder but have a loved one who has the disorder we do have a board for people to go to in order to share their experiences and seek friendship, support or adviseIt's the Friends and Family of Bipolar Board.... I hope you'll take a...
  • FaithPrincess

    Most Helpful Self-Care Activity?

    What is your favorite way to engage in self-care?Examples:  Exercise, writing in a journal, crafting, play with a pet, go for a walk, watch a movie, etc.
  • Beckstermuffins

    I Have Fallen On The Depressive Side Of Bipolar

    UPDATE: Thank you everyone for the support! Wow! I didn't expect anyone to read this let alone comment! I apologize that this article was triggering to some... That wasn't my intention at all. :/ I'm doing much better today. I have met with my counselor and also got a new psychiatrist who is changing my meds around so I'm not on so many of them. I also have a new job as a custodian that I start...
  • FaithPrincess

    Word Game (Four Letters)

    I will post a four-letter word.  Then, you can create a sentence using those four letters.EXAMPLE: GAMEGary Always Meets EmmaLet's Play!!First word:  TALE
  • BothsidesBroken

    Checking in

    I've had a great couple of days! I have spent them with friends. Spent Thursday with one of my favorite people. I think she's an awesome person. Her 3 year old nephew came to visit and we had a blast! Little fella was so much fun. We played drums, watched Simon's Cat on YouTube, went to Walmart to play with toys. Just an awesome day, with a minor exception. I was installing Google Home, the...