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Bipolar disorder is not just a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders marked by periods of abnormally high energy and euphoria, often accompanied by bouts of clinical depression. This is the place to talk about your experience with bipolar disorder, learn from others' experiences, and find support.

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  • BothsidesBroken


    All the signsMoney spent, hypersexual, problems sleeping, can't relax, fidgeting everywhere in my whole body. Feeling like I'm high as a kite and I don't want down. My dad told me it looked like I was vibrating earlier because I'm fidgeting and bouncing so much. Everyone's seen this here on DS from me today. I apologise for the behavior. I know it's a symptom.I'm really really fighting it, but if...
  • Mattx294


    Tried seroquel ir 100mg for a week. Felt horrible ever since. I feel like im dissociating, depressed, extreme fatigue, and alot of anxiety. Im so tired of taking medicine. I dont want to take it anymore. I dont want to deal with any of this anymore. Random crying spells is the worst. I dont know what to do anymore. Fighting is just getting to hard, im about to give up.
  • sunnybrunette

    Good-bye to Saphris; Hello to Geodon.

    Saphris did little for my hallucinations, however the side-effects were nil.  Now after seven months on Saphris am being switched to Geodon.  I start tonight.  Am afraid about the side effects.  Does anyone have any experience with Geodon?  Thiothixene my anti-psychotic before this slowed down my metabolism and made me overweight. However, I did not have hallucinations!  I want the...
  • ohjollyhell

    Progesterone cream

    Making a different kind of step. I have been on every pill under the sun (feels like it) and the best I have ever felt in my life was when I was pregnant. I am going to try some hormone cream and see if there is ANY difference. Can't hurt. Wish me luck. Anyone else try this? KJ
  • Godsdaughter

    A New Life

    For 6 months, I never knew why, I was med resistant: irritable, depressed, having trouble sleeping at night. I drove my poor caregiver nuts. She walked on eggshells to keep from offending me, but I'd either go into a rant or start bawling. Also during these months, there was a period of 6 weeks in which I just sat and cried. Everyone who loved me was frightened, afraid I'd hurt myself. Then there...
  • rubyblue

    I just need to talk

    Regardless of whether anyone talks back, lol. I can't sit still, or turn my head off!!. Its like an eagle soaring in the sky. Its beautiful, even the view is not scary. Gliding, sublime. But I'm getting chuffing irritable and agitated. UghOh the world will change in 30 minutes!!I got up and got ready to go to therapy, then realised it was 2.10am, lol. I had had much rested sleep. Wtf do i do at...
  • akacountrygirl

    Highs and lows

    I finally got to experience the high side of bio P disorder.  I usually am low or slightly low.  I like the energenic high of being BP, but as usual nothing lasts forever.I've had seretonin syndrome from too much seretonin.  That is no fun at all.  It consists of panic attacks, paranoia, and high anxiety.I was in an institution for a few days to try Electric Shock Therapy...BIG MISTAKE. ...
  • noone


    took a walk to clear my head but it only made things more unclear. people keep telling me that exercise will make me happy or put me in a good mood but that's not the case. i was thinking about the fact that i haven't really done much with my life. i was reading through some people's posts on DS and i realized how a lot of people on here have been struggling their whole lives. how they've never...
  • Niccid

    Emotional Day!

     So yesterday while on my morning walk I found a dog that was running loose it followed me home and I took it over to my vet to see if it had a microchip he was wearing two collars like the ones for an invisible fence  but nothing else the vet checked for a microchip and there was none  so I decided to take the dog home with me and left my contact information with the vet and when I got home I...
  • Jenniferswe

    I don't know anymore

    I've been hanging in there for the sake of my son and other family.  I don't think it's worth it anymore.  I realized my family doesn't really love me.  I'm ignored or used by most people.I have wished for death to come and take me since my early teens.  I'm still here suffering.  My life has not been a good one.  I don't have the energy or strenght to try to fix it.  I don't know how to...
  • rubyblue

    Differentiating self from symptoms

    I've just been reading an article that says you should strive to distinguish your true self, from symptoms. Well this was just a small bullet point. Has anyone been able to do that? My personality changes with my mood. If I'm high, I am the belle of the ball, a talk a minute high falutting social butterfly. If I'm depressed, well I'm very low in mood, sleep and eat too much, feelings of...
  • kisses2016

    Vision board continued

    so my new therapist is helping me make a vision board. So there is a row of different aspects of my life. Relationships. Financial. Physical salty. Spirituality. Mental emotional health. And under each is a column of goals for each categories. For example under spirituality I put go to church twice a month and pray daily. Under financial i made a goal to save $25,$50,$100,$200. And so on. So it's...
  • kisses2016

    Hypersexual and anxious?

    im mixed. I joined a dating site and basically put in my profile I just want to hook up. I'm craving sex but I have too much anxiety to actually meet up with a guy to satisfy those urges. What do I do????? Anyone had a similar experience?
  • rubyblue

    Being judged

    Its just occurred to me that perhaps the uncomfortable feelings I have with this potential new therapist, might be bcs I felt judged. I know all new therapists judge you in the sense in the ways you can work together. Then I've got to be careful that I am not projecting my judgement of her. All of this I will mention this week. I'm wondering now if this is a lot of projection and fear. I think I...
  • BothsidesBroken

    Self control. I must

    Wanting to drink and have sex really really badly right now. I know I am learning to abstain. I know I am not having sex with anyone, unless my marriage resolves or finally dissolves. I'm not even going to masturbate until I know I can go 3 weeks without. I know I'm not drinking because of the effects I saw on the rehab/PTSD victims. I'm trying to reassure myself that I don't need those to be...