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Bipolar disorder is not just a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders marked by periods of abnormally high energy and euphoria, often accompanied by bouts of clinical depression. This is the place to talk about your experience with bipolar disorder, learn from others' experiences, and find support.

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  • MoobbusT

    Some tunes maybe

    Musical therapy anyone?Mellow magic this one :-)I've heard more than one critic say it's better than the original... if you can believe that!'S cover Cher 'Believe' for Like A Version
  • maddiek


    Hi everyone,I'm new on here and I have recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Bipolar Disorder. It's all new to me and I'd like to know more about it. I understand that it's different for everyone, but I think hearing about other people's experiences can help me a lot.Thanks!
  • kisses2016

    Lonely or interested?

    ive been single for nearly a year now. And recently I've become lonely for male companionship. A couple weeks ago a guy I went on just three dates with started emailing me on Facebook. I accepted the emails and one thing led to another and we went to a movie last night. He's a nice guy. A bit heavier than I am attracted to normally but he loves the outdoors hunting and fishing and he's kind and...
  • malibumark

    feeling sick with anger

    i don't know where to start but today has been an evolution of things - my mood changedand i tried to adjust with it. i even felt like I was doing pretty good at not just whimpering to myselfbut I was proactive and changed my perspective to give myself what I needed to deal with my moods.Sorry but then the house manager said something that really set me off and i tried to adjust my attittudebut I...
  • malibumark

    this pic brings me peace :)

    a friend took this pic of a Tulip in his yard. Such a fresh beautiful perspective. I hope it brings you peace this Sunday morning :)
  • Community Leaderacuriousfish

    IMPORTANT: Valproate - mothers to be.

    "A drug given to pregnant women for epilepsy and bipolar disorder caused "serious malformations" in up to 4,100 children, a French study suggests.Mothers treated with valproate for epilepsy were up to four times likelier to give birth to a malformed child, the preliminary study found.Introduced in France in 1967, valproate is prescribed widely worldwide.Doctors in France are now advised not to...
  • ritkat

    Recruiter Email

    I'm not sure what will come of this, but I got an email from a recruiter last week for a position with what would be a perfect commute. One of the modules that the company makes does what a software that I used to support did - makes it so you can do live rate checks, ship and print labels, and ship at the lowest rate. It's an analyst position though not in the area that I would have expected....
  • rubyblue

    Role models

    I'm really struggling, like many of us are. I'm not seeing the point at times. And I could sleep for Britain. I'm slipping more and more. I need something, and now.I was just watching Britain's Got Talent. I know some of it is naff TV. I kinda got addicted to it whilst inpatient. Anyhow, a group of young dancers auditioned. 5 young women. One of them, a stunning and wonderful dancer shared that...
  • irishwriter

    my son got a job!

    my older son, shane 30yrs old got a job last year after eight years of isolating depression following job loss at the start of the recession. it is so wonderful to hear of him finally out of his room! it is just 20hrs a week but its a good start, baby steps are the best ones and perhaps now all the judgemental family voices will shut the f^^k up and leave him alone! good luck to him.
  • mlr0853

    Purge Party Challenge!!

    Saturday afternoon, in a chat with a friend, sensitivehobolady, she gave me an idea for not only my POA group, a way to connect with my friends in a different way!I hate yard sales..for me they are just too overwhelming to put together...So a Purge Party Challenge online....what can you give away to help someone else, reduce your life clutter and be open to new coming in?My dear Aunt...
  •, ml
  • irishwriter

    son finally home and dog back to normal!

    my son finally came home on tuesday night and of course the dog is now no longer in heat! thank goodness that nightmare is over. i am looking into getting her spayed. apparently because he is on unemployment the dogs trust will do it for him and tag her for 35 euro which is pretty good so hopefully he will get her done . it is looking like he wants to go abroad for a while and work as a chef to...
  • chris138

    Ah well in the career arena I am a failure..but...

    Two things I am a failure at in life. Romantic relationships, and in the "career" arena. Oh well. I think I am an ok son, and family member. Maybe that makes up for something. I have been trying to get into a graphic design or photo editing job for the longest of times. No takers in the employer area.I decided that I would do a job search on Illinois (Job link) website. A website maintained by...
  • irishwriter

    saw pdoc yesterday

    i saw my pdoc yesterday and while it was good to see him for the first time professionally since before christmas , we did meet once for dinner but only spoke about the loss of his son, he's still not up to par and i feel so sad for him. he had a gift of that book called f^^k it - the ultimate spiritual way so i am looking forward to reading that. he says it is excellent. otherwise the meds are...
  • Benitro

    Full Time Work and Bipolar Disorder

    So I've been working full time on and off a lot throughout my life. Mostly it goes sour, I either get overwhelmed and end up calling in sick one too many times to get fired. It's not all a bad experience either though, I earn money, feel much more confident, a lot more normal etc.. but the problem is I'm not normal. I can pretend it's working all I want, and a lot of the time it IS working. But...