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Bipolar disorder is not just a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders marked by periods of abnormally high energy and euphoria, often accompanied by bouts of clinical depression. This is the place to talk about your experience with bipolar disorder, learn from others' experiences, and find support.

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  • i need to be loved and listened to. I'm afraid to talk in group therapy because I don't want them to judge me for how I feel. I want my old therapist back. I'm dying to see her again. I have no one anymore. I know my family loves me but I can't confide in then the things I talk about in therapy. I could cry right now in so alone. I just want to die. I keep pushing forward every day and trying to...
  • rubyblue

    Roll call 30/07

    Can't damn well sleep againWho is around?
  • dinahmorris


    I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life-mostly but not always alcohol fuelled.I have been in the most stable relationship, home, job etc I have ever had and I have been onprozac, lithium and epilim for 8 years with no depressions or manic episodes.I dont even know for sure what my real diagnosis is-I diagnosed myself to a doctor and it was just accepted by everyone.Maybe it was stress,...
  • irishwriter

    down, down , down

    i've gone beneath the floorboards again- tired- very tired of playing with meds. they all seem to work for a little while and then stop. tired.
  • theatre and I are there already. I'm having a very berry tea with crackers, cheese and cherry tomatoes and she's having a joint with some beer and we're both on really comfy recliners on thick pile carpet. we need some help with the decor if anyone is around??
  • songstress1

    Inspiring Quotes

    Hello Everyone!What are some of your fave inspirational quotes/sayings?Please post them here.Some I like are:"It's not what the world holds for you; it's what you bring to it.""Do your best, and life will do the rest.""Be the change that you want to see in the world."
  • rubyblue


    What's your take on them?Do you think they are symbolic and can be interpreted to mean something in your life?Or just random nothingnessI had a dream yday that was highly symbolic for me which I will take to therapy. I think its a bit of a breakthrough moment. Especially as I still recall all of the dream, that in itself is unusual
  • Marieyas

    How to carry on

    Hi all I've been on here for years it helped me though alot but I had to start a new account anyway am from the UK I've got a lot of problems with my heath mental and other can't walk far I have been getting high rate sickness for years I had to go for a medical and they have cut my money by more then half I don't know how to cope with this I feel like ending my life they don't care about my...
  • I deal with bipolar disorder and with borderline personality disorder. I think it is due to the borderline that I have difficulty in letting go and moving on. I can also sense a person's mood a mile away and that does not help.My question is what to do when people in your family really hurt you mentally speaking. This is NOT a physical issue except that it is making me hypomanic which I have...
  • I'm in shock. He kept saying I was making a ugly face and that it is long. I told him I'm pretty and I know it. You'll never break my confidence. He said your face is long and ugly. I said your fucking scum. He said go fuck off and die cunt. The reason I was making a face is because I was annoyed with him. But to tell me to die.
  • Hmm, I was Googling a bit the last few days. I am in Illinois. I Googled job placement places in my area. There was a NAMBI sponsered one. I also called a two other places. I guess I have to start by opening a case with Illinois's DRS. (Department of Rehablitation Services). Still waiting to hear back from them. I guess state workers kinda pace themselves....Maybe I can get placed into a job...
  • I've been feeling better since i got on lithum but i hope it stay this way it always seem like i get on medication feel better and the damn thing stop work as well and i get frustrated, been on so many freaking meds. I still having good day, more good then bad but it always seem like I get a tast of what normal people have and then bamb your tired again all the time and no motivation or bamb your...
  • this was the message i received before the party on friday from the parents of the 30yr old who had invited me. ' hi geraldine, this is not something we are comfortable with but what we ask, we ask for Jenna's (daughter) sake, don't want her party to be marred by you n other invited family members, so geraldine, if not bridges mended we have to ask you not to attend on Friday. it would just be...
  • DinoriderIRL

    Hi all

    Hi all,Was wandering around for support forums and found myself here. Seems to have a really genuine community.Recent BP diagnoses, thought to be anxiety/depression for the last 15 years or so. Had to take steps to leave an emotionally rough relationship over the last few months also. Have kids. Accepting the BP diagnosis and fundamental change in lifestyle are having a pretty big impact on me at...
  • first of let me say I'm not perfect at all in this relationship I'm in. however almost everyday my boyfriend calls me a bitch. "your a bitch" "bitch your crazy" "yous a dumb bitch" "what's up biotch" after I got back from the gym he said 'yous a sweaty bitch' I told him more times than I count to stop calling me a bitch. I got him to stop calling me a cunt. He says he's just joking. Then he says...