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Bipolar disorder is not just a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders marked by periods of abnormally high energy and euphoria, often accompanied by bouts of clinical depression. This is the place to talk about your experience with bipolar disorder, learn from others' experiences, and find support.

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  • MarleneJ

    Bad jokes??

    I was just at Daily Strength Members Community feeling a bit hypo. There are some serious problems people are discussing with the website, but I started making jokes about it.  Well, I won't go into what, I'm just hope they don't decide to give me a warning. Maybe Jan can explain what a small outburst of hypomania can do to people?  The sad thing is, I still think it was clever, and I am more...
  • Brenestrd

    He dumped me again

    I cant function without a man in my life got kids and family but my life revolves around my partner
  • kisses2016

    what's the point

    I plan on killing myself eventually. Next week, next month, next year. It's gonna happen. So why am I trying so hard to find a good therapist? Maybe I do somewhere inside of me have a small hope of feeling better. Therapy helps me cope on a day to day basis but I've only felt worse since seeing this newer therapist. Please God please let my old therapist take me back please please please 
  • MissGillPanda


    I've  been studying in a salon for grooming dogs and the dogs that are normally very friendly and calm were very on edge and wild when I came around. This isn't a new thing to me. I was raised with animals my whole life. Normally they fine around me when I'm stable but when I start getting unstable they get uncomfortable. I'm not sure why but this was my wake up call. I know what I need to do I...
  • TC40

    Angry and depressed.

    I am a horrifying mix of depression and SEVERE irritability. I feel like crying uncontrollably and pounding my fist through the wall at the same time. I am very angry at the way I am treated by family and coworkers to name a few. I know that I am judged by my size. I don't blame people. I am a fat, ugly pig.  I am angry at myself for becoming a huge, hideous fat hog. I am uncomfortable and in...
  • I just called my old tdocs office asking her to see me again. She ditched me after my fourth suixide attempt in may. I'm waiting on her receptionist to call me back and let me know what my old therapist says. Please pray she will see me again 
  • MayB

    Merry and Less than Bright

    The Season demands a lot from us, getting together with family and friends can be stressful, so can the economics of gift buying. It can be a tough time for many of us. What do you do to find shelter at this time of year?
  • Braveredhead

    Question for yall

    What do u guys do when something scary in the world triggers you. 
  • Dunno, I thought this was an intersting article. Just putting it out..."Molecular Too Parses Social Fear Circuit Intertwined with Aggression Hub" 
  • It has been on long hard road of being bipolar its been 18 years since i was first diagnosed as being bipolar. The last 4 years of my life have been really very tough, i have been divorced and my wife has the custody of my 6 yr old kid as well. My faculties of talent have gone away with many things impacting my unemployment for past 4 years ranging from severe panic attacks, huge duration gaps...
  • MissGillPanda

    Defiantly Down

    Ok I'm kinda new to this, but after feeling so down, confused, alone, tired, and over all rather dark 75% of the time. It was suggested I reach out for help and find support groups, I couldn't find any in my area but I found DS and honestly I hope this helps. 
  • hi I always suggest to new members that they might like to introduce themselves it's a good way of getting known and making friends.If you've returned under a new name it might be helpful to say who you used to be.Even if you have been here forever please just say hellooh and to make it all extra exciting, answer the question "what is your favourite cheese?" Mine would be apple smoked cheddar I...
  • Braveredhead


    always feel lil my aunt is laughing at me. I wish she would stop laughing at everything I say.
  • spacekat

    So grateful for my DS friends....

    I just wanted to share how grateful I am to have the friends I do here on DS. I don't post as often as i used to - partly is I'm afraid to create permanent things (it's a paranoia thing) but I read EVERYBODY else's posts and hold them dear to my heart. So, I apologize for not posting more. I guess this is a post - so here I begin. This is hard for me - does anyone else ever feel that way about...
  • chris138

    Snow report! Do you have snow yet?

    Just posting for the sake of posting. Do you have snow where you are yet? I am in the greater Chicagoland area. We got snow yesterday. Around 1-2 inches. So hopefully not more! haha Not!I know this is just the start of snow for the winter. What general area are you all at? Did you get snow? or do you get snow where you are?Snow roll call :-)