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Bipolar disorder is not just a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders marked by periods of abnormally high energy and euphoria, often accompanied by bouts of clinical depression. This is the place to talk about your experience with bipolar disorder, learn from others' experiences, and find support.

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  • VoltaireArcane

    Getting a job

    I gave up on getting SSI/SSDI/Medicaid a very long time ago, but I didn't do anything else about my situation, either. I just sat around the house and got very, very depressed.Well, I can't stand to just sit around here every day doing nothing any longer. I don't care how sick I am. I'm going to get a job!I already applied at the Kroger down the street and am waiting to hear back. I'll fill out...
  • I made it a couple days ago. Checked back to see if there are any replies (I just remember i posted something here for the first time in ages), and it's gone. I don't understand? I spent a long time writing it and now I can't re-submit it with whatever the inappropriate content was edited out. Ugh. (Not a rant or a whine/anger post, just an "I'm confused right now" post.)
  • Hello all! I'm just going to do a simple update. I'm not on here very much anymore; not sure why? Just kind of forgot over time, lol. I hope you all are well! If we used to talk often on here, you can message me and I can give you my Facebook so we can stay in touch, since I'm not on here a lot anymore.So. I don't remember if I told you guys, but my mother fell ill with a blood-oxygen content of...
  • rubyblue

    Do you think feeling suicidal

    Is part and parcel of bipolar depression? Not all the time, but some of the time? The belief that things are never going to change? Idk, I suppose I am trying to find a context for how I feel sometimes. Since my med change my mood has been all over the place. They won't put me back what I was on bcs I take too many different meds already (apparently) So sometimes I just have to suck it up. But...
  • Oh my God! I can't believe I'm actually going to work. Unless I screw up of course. I've never done this job before so it's brand new field for me. I feel anxious, and anticipation. I still don't belive it's true.I just pray nothing goes wrong...
  • Community LeaderSunCloudJD

    Should we start a new words game?

    New site... New words?? I'll write a word and just write the first word that comes into your mind without too much thoughtframe
  • mlr0853

    In my Ever Changing World of BP

    Waking this morning...with... I got fucking blisters on my fingers...holes on all orifices, especially on eyes, ears, and mouth.... on all four's...suffice to write....mowing down myself lawn, cutting off me dead heads, and I am putting me, myself and I through the torchure of Sunday Bloody Sunday...when what we want is to be Comfortably Numb...Me, myself and I yelled for Backhoe 54 where the...
  • fragio

    When is it time

    Ok I am doing very well while surviving my bipolar condition right now.  I take a fist full of pills every night and everything has been good for almost five years.  I've had a few bumps in the road but I'm overall staying with reality.  My question is at what time is it right to tell someone you first start dating that you are bipolar?  I like to be honest with my dates but today a girl I...
  • Jenniferswe

    Just some thoughts

    Almost every morning for the last couple months, I have what I call "cry time".  I get up and get dressed, brush my teeth, etc. and go out in the living room and cry for a little while.  This depression has been really intense.   The rainy weather here in Oregon has been really dark and gloomy.I know there are a lot of things to do to help bipolar disorder.  I feel tired of battling it all...
  • MarleneJ


    I am not new to DS, I've been on here a while for RA support and I also run a member group.  But lately, the RA is getting me down. I just feel like I am fighting the depression daily and the suicidal thoughts.  It's not that I really want to die, I just want the pain and deformities to stop. So I decided to join this group, and come out of the closet again. How bad is that?!  Maybe I need to...
  • irishwriter

    come unwind in the bp lounge

    theatre and I are there already. I'm having a very berry tea with crackers, cheese and cherry tomatoes and she's having a joint with some beer and we're both on really comfy recliners on thick pile carpet. we need some help with the decor if anyone is around??
  • jan4jam

    BP & Me 2

    BP & ME # 2The journey called Bipolar disorder is no typical journey that just anyone takes, yes a lot of people have it a lot worse in their lives, some a lot better. But I speak of the journey we are taking together. This journey is complex and challenging yet a learning experience, it can ruin relationships, marriages, careers, and ones self worth, and zap us of our inner strength. At times it...
  • jan4jam

    Crossing the BP Bridge

    Crossing the BP Bridge:  @ times the bridge is very narrow with planks that r unstable sum even missing. I continue my journey holding on tight as the bridge narrows and the planks r unsafe taking each step slowly making choices carefully as I move forward.  There r times wen the bridge will widen providing me with more space to move about with sum wat ease, as I continue on not knowing wat...
  • chris138

    It's important to keep busy

    I am doing ok. Just thought I would check in. I just came back from a two day family trip to Mackinaw City (Mackinac Island) Mackinac Bridge and St. Ignace (Michigan).It was fun trip. My sister really can snore though. LOL. My parents had one room, and my sister and I had another. Both rooms featured double queen beds. I actually negoitated a good price for the two rooms for two nights. It was a...
  • autumn8890

    a sad day

    Yesterday I went to a funeral. One of my best friend's sisters had a heart attack. When they brought her back she began having seizures and ended up being brain dead. It was such an emotional experience. I cried as we listened to the music they had chosen and couldn't help but ponder the complexities of life and death. There were so many distrought family members and my friend wasn't doing very...