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Bipolar disorder is not just a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders marked by periods of abnormally high energy and euphoria, often accompanied by bouts of clinical depression. This is the place to talk about your experience with bipolar disorder, learn from others' experiences, and find support.

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  • romehadey1123

    My bipolar

    i found out I was bipolar when I was in 8th grade now I am in 11th. Does anyone else feel dumber when on the medication? Cuz I do, I took something to counteract the medication and I feel smart, like I usually feel without medication.
  • MusicLoveFaith

    Fall 2016 Plans

    Hello, everyone!Do you have any special plans for the fall? What new activities, if any, will you be starting?
  • Hi everyone , sadly i have no friends and my family is far and I'm going through a lot at once . Starting from getting into the divorce process , having diabetes out of control and recently having a hysterectomy ( kept the ovaries ) and dealing with the pain and metal emotions that go with that and honestly being bi polar I'm always unsure if my feelings are valid . Is it ok to feel sad ....
  • I'm trying to find out what a certain therapy is. I had it in one of the phosps I was in and it blew my mind! It was amazing!!What you do is you sit in a chair, across from an empty chair. YOU are the adult and the empty chair is you as a child. You talk to the child.Then you reverse it and you as the child talk to the adult. The stuff that comes out of your mouth is unbelievable. I didn't...
  • Jenniferswe

    Freaking out now

    Yesterday:My son's grandma who we live with is throwing us out. She got mad at me over nothing and we had a big fight. I'm pretty sure this has to do with her sleazy guy friend that spends the weekends here.It's a long story.Normally I would be completely panicked but I am tired of this. She gave us until the end of September so that gives a some time to find someplace to go.This has been a...
  • MSPoet

    Bipolar disorder stigma

    So there's a general stigma associated with mental illness in popular culture, and even moreso (I think) regarding schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. I have bipolar disorder, and it runs in my family...Have you guys been hearing, in the media and/or in your personal and day-to-day dealings, people casually referring to other people or things as "bipolar"? Like the weather is hot and dry...
  • Breona1996


    Yesterday was um.. I dunno. I was having a decent day until I ran into one of my rapists at the gas station. I started to have a panic attack but a bunch of my family was there so I had to stay strong. He kept looking at me and smiling and it was killing me I am so close to relapsing it's not even funny. I'm freaking out and I hate living where he does. I just want to cut my whole body to...
  •'ve been in a DBT program since I went manic in 2010 and then depression for nearly a year. DBT, Dialetic Behavioral Therapy...meaning many types of therapy focus on mindfulness and has helped me I think more than my medicaations do at times. The link, if you scroll down gives you a subject list of specific areas. For myself, I like guided meditations for...
  • What is your favorite memory of this summer?
  • theatre and I are there already. I'm having a very berry tea with crackers, cheese and cherry tomatoes and she's having a joint with some beer and we're both on really comfy recliners on thick pile carpet. we need some help with the decor if anyone is around??
  • MusicLoveFaith

    Fitness Fun

    Hello, everyone!I will be starting a new fitness routine now that the summer is coming to a close. During the summer, I biked every morning, and was committed to doing that. Now that September is beginning, I will embark on new exercise activities: inline skating, strength training, and Yoga.What is your fave fitness activity to do? Will you be starting any new workout activities for the fall?
  • irishwriter

    a new diagnosis

    i saw a new psychiatrist today, he's in charge of my area. he insists that i have borderline personality disorder not bp. doing a little research i acknowledge that there are cross over symptoms but i don't really agree with his diagnosis. what do you guys think? you know me better than anyone here.
  • Well, I went to my new doctor yesterday (the one that accepts medicaid). Acutally it was not too bad of an experience. Even though it was crowded, I was in the exam room in about 15 mins. I guess two other people did not show up. Anyway, I was a bit bummed out that I weighed more than I did on my scale at home. I weighed myself a few weeks ago. Odd. I have been really hitting the treadmill since...
  • HAVE OUR PHOTOS EVER COME BACK HERE? I miss mine!! Where did they put them????
  • bipolarkrazy


    Yesterday I have a long eventful fun day and I knew I was going to pay for it today. Today I am paying for it. I feel like I am just going to break down and cry constantly over the smallest things. Like I went to Walmart to pick up a few things and I left and forgot milk so I had to go back. As I was standing in line I felt like I was just going to break down and cry right there. I have slept...