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Bipolar disorder is not just a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders marked by periods of abnormally high energy and euphoria, often accompanied by bouts of clinical depression. This is the place to talk about your experience with bipolar disorder, learn from others' experiences, and find support.

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1 Online
  • DS is making a great change in the new site... They will be making it effective soon that we can hug or send pm's to those with an open profile!!
  • kisses2016

    Who do I have left?

    im still missing my therapist very badly. All I want is to sleep but I've been sleeping so much I can anymore. In still suiciadal. I wish I could just swallow those damned pills. I want my therapist. She was always in my side but I had to screen that up
  • I'm tired of him whining and I'm sick of hearing it. We a HUGS blowup tonight saying things to each other can never take back. If I had money I'd been gone but I need that fuckers to survive. I wanted to put a knife in his neck. I know it's strange thing to say about the whining bc I'm BP, he never shuts the fk up about it. I mean on and on and on...... one never ending stupid complaint. ...
  • kisses2016

    It hurts to breathe

    there's a pain just under my left breast and every time I breath it's a stabbing pain. I've had it for two days now. Every so often I need to take a deep breath and that intensifies the pain. I don't know if I should go to emergency or not but it kept me up the last two nights. I didn't know who else to go to
  • Hey can I offer a suggestion?If there are old members that could not get on the new site that had to create a new account could you let us know who you were prior to this horrible conversion?For me personally I am having difficulty knowing whos who.... Thanks
  • jmariah1980

    New site

    I have been giving the new site a try but so far I don't like it. What does everyone else think? Yay or nay? Why?
  • I have to take it so early but then I still wake up late because I simply cannot. get. up. I hate the tiredness but love the effects. I'm also on Lamictal. Is there any way to help with this tiredness with Seroquel? I hate taking it for this reason. Plus the only alone time I get is after my child is in bed, bless her heart. I don't want to go to bed at 9pm. Grrrr.
  • autumn8890


    How in the world do you go to your own profile and do anything such as adding your picture? This site is driving me nuts and I can't figure out how to add to or edit my own profile so any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!!
  • Community Leaderacuriousfish

    Roll call...

    Activity seems to be dropping off ..even some of those who got onto the new site seem to have stopped posting..who is still around?
  • kisses2016

    Feeling suicidal

    amd I have no one. I went to my pdocs office yesterday to talk to him but he seriously down played my feelings. I do t know what to do. I tried to swallow a bottle of sleeping pills yesterday but I couldn't down thwm. I just kept gagging. So I called a crisis line but they were no help. I talked to a nurse where I work and I don't think she knows how to help. I have no one and no purpose for...
  • rubyblue

    Say something nice

    About yourselfAnd reply more than once!I'll start - I'm a very loyal person
  • songstress1

    Summer Activities

    Hello everyone! How is everyone's summer going? Anyone do anything fun/enjoyable?I have been enjoying spending time with my family and spending time outdoors. We like visiting park areas, and the beach, going by the lake, etc. Usually we go biking, and we've also been swimming. We also plan to visit some more places this summer.What have you guys done so far? What are you looking forward to...
  • I believe that i have a physical disorder with dopamine, noradrenalin and seratonin receptors not working properly which results in mental symptoms. the medications i take are to restore a chemical balance so that i can then try to lead a normal life. what do you think?
  • Susieq

    Roll call

    just wondering who is here❤️
  • Boxrep

    Got the man flu!

    Help I'm sick, need some TLC :(