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Bipolar disorder is not just a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders marked by periods of abnormally high energy and euphoria, often accompanied by bouts of clinical depression. This is the place to talk about your experience with bipolar disorder, learn from others' experiences, and find support.

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  • chris138

    Broken down

    I used to drive aimlessly around the Illinois fields (just West of Chicago etc...or even Southwest of Chicago). Looking for barns and old structures that were not near anyone's house. Lol. I did not like the idea of photographing barns near houses because I did not want to tresspass on someones property. So that left old structures out in the middle of fields etc. This photo is of a group of...
  • rubyblue


    Anyone else get highly volatile as part and parcel of a really bad manic episode? I'm much less so now obviously, but I'm scared my mother is going to trigger me back there. Thank heavens she lives 250 miles away. I don't want to always be reaching for meds. Apart from exercise any advice? I'm recovering from my worst episode ever. So I'm very delicate right now.
  • MayB

    Too Hot to Handle

    Its been many days of 100+ degree heat I'm at the end of the afternoon where I just hunker down....sipping ice tea like crazy.I must admit I like summer a whole lot more than winter...but this is too much of a good thing. I feel energetic in spite of the heat...what do you do to stay cool and centered in the summer?
  • chris138

    I need to establish control

    Since I can't control many factors in my life (job, interviews, etc etc..) I have come to the realization that I have to set some rules and goals for my body (and mind). For so many years I have had no rules when it comes to what I eat, or when or how often. I was getting a hair cut and looked in the mirror. I could not believe that the reflection of the fat, old, balding man was me. Well I can...
  • ritkat

    Kind of OT - Question about therapist's comment

    Backstory - My husband complemented me last week, saying I looked young when he told me that the people that were at the concert we went to averaged around our age or 10ish years older. I had said that I saw many people that looked a lot older than 10 years older than us. Anyway, he said I looked young.Therapy appointment - I told my therapist about this and said that it made me feel good. She...
  • Niccid

    Took a mental health day

    didn't want to push through the anxiety today! Last time I worked was Monday and I was snapping at bosses and customers. Therapy yesterday wasn't the kind of session I left smiling, I cried a lot yesterday! I just couldn't put up the facade at work. Funny how I work through stuff like losing my mom but sometimes I can't face life
  • polarbare

    late night eating and meds

    i am great with my diet all day but after I take my nighttime meds I make myself something to eat and I don't remember what I've eaten .. I see evidence the next day.... does this happen to anyone ?   I take latuda, seroquel , lamictal and sublinox .... is this a normal side effect ? 
  • rubyblue

    Me right now

    I stopped taking my meds about 3 weeks ago now. Cold turkey. All of them. Had some grand plan to tour Eastern Europe. Live in Prague.Anyhow I got as far as London. Became increasing disorientated and confused. Lost hours. And didn't have passport. Long story short the police put me on a coach home, with the proviso the crisis team met me at the other end. Which they didn't. I was stuck in a coach...
  • shimmerqueen15

    admitting to a big factor in my struggles.

    I have had the worst mental health set back that i have had in over 3 years. I was working at a job that was my passion and my calling, unfortunatley managment did not support me and let me get the help i need and i crashed and burned (i was working at a peer support respite home i helped start) and the set back started. Then we went to visit my family in Germany which is extremely triggering for...
  • kisses2016

    Skipping meds?

    so Wednesday I got terribly sick and skipped my night meds. I wcan't ke up still a bit icky, but can nsidersbly better, on Thursday. So I took my morning meds. But now I've just realized I forgot to take my meds again last night!! This shouldn't really cause any problems, right? It's just 900mg lithium
  • Rich3018


    I'm 42, I have Mdd,bipolar,gad,ptsd. I live alone and have for many years, divorced 2x's and collect ssdi.So anyways here it goes I just recently went there a full CDR long form took 4 months to receive notice of continuing approved during that time I had several mental break I spent 6/7 days in a mental hospital seen my psychiatric doctor and therapist 6 times lost 20 plus pounds contemplated...
  • malibumark

    just a little whimsy to lighten the load

    4 feel I belong here and yet I like it. :)
  • beachshore

    Zyprexa and xanax

    Sleeping good but wake up with medicatied ,groggy head, feel drugged after 15 mg Zyprexa and 3 mg extended release Xanax before bed.i also feel racey and anxious. Going slowly off Zoloft. I have mixed state bipolar.  Psychiatrist said Zoloft should not be taken together as it will cause depression. All of this bipolar is new to me  I feel very depressed. The mania is less but have break thru...
  • MusicPrincess

    Pain of Being Stigmatized

    Has anyone here suffered the pain of being stigmatized, or treated in unfair fashions, due to having mental illness?  How did you cope?For example, some people with mental health conditions are bullied, treated in disrespectful ways, victims of discriminatory treatment, criticized and judged in unjust manners, etc.
  • MusicPrincess


    I wanted to bring to light, an issue which is prevalent for people with disabilities, including mental health, and other types of disabilities. There is a negative, fabricated stigma which was created in society, out of a sense of ignorance.  As a result of this stigma, people around the world with mental illnesses are treated in disrespectful, diminuitive, sometimes cruel fashions, and victims...