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Bipolar disorder is not just a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders marked by periods of abnormally high energy and euphoria, often accompanied by bouts of clinical depression. This is the place to talk about your experience with bipolar disorder, learn from others' experiences, and find support.

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  • this was the message i received before the party on friday from the parents of the 30yr old who had invited me. ' hi geraldine, this is not something we are comfortable with but what we ask, we ask for Jenna's (daughter) sake, don't want her party to be marred by you n other invited family members, so geraldine, if not bridges mended we have to ask you not to attend on Friday. it would just be...
  • Hello Everyone!Is anyone engaging in any creative type projects for the summer?I bought some clay and purple paint over the week-end, in order to work on some new pieces. This year, I created a bright turquoise-painted bowl as well as a watercolour painting with multi-colour hearts, and a vase/flowers project with some inexpensive blue glass beads, glass containers, and some fake flowers.
  • Ok so after several emails and I'll admit some not so nice words I got access to my account. I bitched a lot. So below is the email that I finall got that gave proper instructions. So my suggestion is persistence and asking for the website. So I kept getting emails from DS saying that your password has been reset and it never was reset. They kept going back and forth with me. They said...
  • Hey can I offer a suggestion?If there are old members that could not get on the new site that had to create a new account could you let us know who you were prior to this horrible conversion?For me personally I am having difficulty knowing whos who.... Thanks
  • DinoriderIRL

    Hi all

    Hi all,Was wandering around for support forums and found myself here. Seems to have a really genuine community.Recent BP diagnoses, thought to be anxiety/depression for the last 15 years or so. Had to take steps to leave an emotionally rough relationship over the last few months also. Have kids. Accepting the BP diagnosis and fundamental change in lifestyle are having a pretty big impact on me at...
  • first of let me say I'm not perfect at all in this relationship I'm in. however almost everyday my boyfriend calls me a bitch. "your a bitch" "bitch your crazy" "yous a dumb bitch" "what's up biotch" after I got back from the gym he said 'yous a sweaty bitch' I told him more times than I count to stop calling me a bitch. I got him to stop calling me a cunt. He says he's just joking. Then he says...
  • kisses2016


    after my blip last week(trying to swallow a bottle of pills) dr has me down to working only 16 hrs a week. I'm also starting outpatient again tomorrow and that will be six hours a day five days a week. So I'm not able to work as much as I need to in order to pay my bills. Do do you think it would be wise for me to apply for social security? I don't know. I am able to work minimal hours but with...
  • theatre and I are there already. I'm having a very berry tea with crackers, cheese and cherry tomatoes and she's having a joint with some beer and we're both on really comfy recliners on thick pile carpet. we need some help with the decor if anyone is around??
  • rubyblue

    Say something nice

    About yourselfAnd reply more than once!I'll start - I'm a very loyal person
  • I've been feeling better since i got on lithum but i hope it stay this way it always seem like i get on medication feel better and the damn thing stop work as well and i get frustrated, been on so many freaking meds. I still having good day, more good then bad but it always seem like I get a tast of what normal people have and then bamb your tired again all the time and no motivation or bamb your...
  • chris138

    Feeling kinda down..

    Well more than "kinda". I tried not to post too much about minor things. I went to see my Pdoc yesterday. He suggested we swtich up my meds entirely. I am taking Prozac and Geodon (sp) now. I have not gotten the first meds from the pharmacy yet. We will see. My depression is linked to my job situation, and also everyone around me getting older. I am 44 years old, never married, never a home...
  • Wtf. After 4 years I think I messed up... Fuck my life.
  • rubyblue

    Too tired & too late

    I think its only just hitting me now how depressed I actually am. I am so dense. But none of it makes sense. I went to A&E and I was low, I saw the GP and I was hypomanic, for about a week or so I only needed 3 hours sleep, now I am so tired and can sleep for Britain. In a short space of time I spent so much money its ridiculous. Now I don't want to leave the flat. I have never rapid cycled...
  • rubyblue


    I'm about to prepare a journal. Bcs I don't have much insight cognitively and emotionally I'm going to start with my behaviour and go from thereHow many of you journal? Is it a structed thing or more free flowing?
  • Susieq

    Who am I now?

    Many years ago my husband and I were grocery shopping. My husband saw his friend that he works with. He was with his wife that has bipolar. She said to my husband your wife has what I have. That scared the crap out of me. Wow, who am I now? How do I act? I couldn't ask her what made her think that because my husband told me when we got home.Do you all think you are different and recognize...