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Bipolar disorder is not just a single disorder, but a category of mood disorders marked by periods of abnormally high energy and euphoria, often accompanied by bouts of clinical depression. This is the place to talk about your experience with bipolar disorder, learn from others' experiences, and find support.

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  • joneszyy


    I feel so defeated. The nerve block didn't work for more than a few days. I got tired of taking all kinds of meds that are suppose to help the pain. I turned to smoking weed and now I have bronchitis and laryngitis from that. I'm staying with my mom and step dad and step siblings and it's not a good situation either. My step dad is an alcoholic and his kids do no wrong. My mom is constantly on my...
  • kisses2016

    Coping with loss

    have you ever lost someone important in your life? Not to death, maybe they moved away or you had a fight and no longer speak? How have you coped with the loss? You're all probably sick of hearing me talk about losing my therapist. I'm trying to move on but it truly was such an important relationship in my life. My new therapist said we can try to get in touch with old t so I can get some...
  • kisses2016

    Saw my t and...

    we did a safety plan. But I feel I didn't open up to her in the way I feel I should. She asked how long I've had the SI and when it comes during the day or night. I didn't tell her I have a plan. But she did say I could call if I need her. Something my old t forbade. I still don't trust my new t like I did my old one. But that's not helpful. At least I have someone to call who gets it. Anyway. I...
  • polarbare


    You know I miss my freedom I get spaghetti for dinner my least favorite meal but it's easiest for my sister .... meatless just jar and pasta..   creating a new recipe was fun for me but my sister just wants fast and easy ....I am bored...I used to spend several hours in morning running around doing errands grocery whatever and now I spend those same hours vegging...we were meant to work...
  • ritkat

    Wish me luck!

    We're 2 steps away from our new canine family member. She asked for 2 personal references last night and they have already responded so that is step 1 kind of down. I don't know what she thought.Step 2 is a home visit tomorrow which I'm super anxious about. We have a fenced in yard, but we had some wind damage and it needs to be repaired. My husband is getting a quote for the fence, but I'm so...
  • mlr0853

    Feeling Exposed

    Today I had my long awaided apt with IOP coordinator. Thankful that I can start tomorrow! However on the other side of the coin, I'm feeling exhausted and exposed after a 2hr intake session...Lordy it was 'indepth' A-Z of childhood to adult. Reliving the youth I'd rather not talk about, yet have processed. The traumas, illnesses and so much more. I also was asked about my strengths. I am a...
  • MoobbusT

    Some tunes maybe

    Musical therapy anyone?Mellow magic this one :-)I've heard more than one critic say it's better than the original... if you can believe that!'S cover Cher 'Believe' for Like A Version
  • mlr0853

    2/23 Happy Birthday to my brother John

    I'm feeling alot these days, grieving the loss of a life long friend 2/2 and my dear brother who has been gone since 2006. He was the last of my birth family to die. I'm so Blessed as I was able to talk to him, he lived in CA and I'm across the country in CT. I asked his wife to put the phone up to his ear and told him I loved him, and he said that back to me...tearing up thinking about him...I...
  • airknight5150

    Bliss gone Amiss

    Yesterday I had a really bad day. I had been happy for weeks with little issues but suddenly it hit me with a big bang. I was out for the count because of my depression. I couldnt function no matter how hard I tried. I thought about commiting suicide. I sobbed uncontrollably for hours, had horrible thoughts. Scared my mom half to dealth because I was alone on the side of the highway crying in my...
  • mlr0853


    This is an article from Time Mag. on the value of sleep...about 3/4 of the way down BP and other MH disorders are listed. Interesting read. Last time I saw my psydr. he suggested to me to have a sleep study done because of severity of depression and staying up all night sleeping all day..under 5hrs, sometimes 12hrs. The article shows through testing how ptsd is increased due to...
  • FaithPrincess

    Stress Relief?

    What are some activities which you find helpful to relieve stress?Examples:  exercising, writing in a journal, warm baths, talking to supportive people about your problems, playing with a pet, listening to music, playing an instrument, watching tv, watching a movie, etc.
  • ritkat

    Returning to work?

    I was wondering how those who are working knew when they could return to work without being so symptomatic that they were no longer functional. I know some people have to work and my question may seem silly, but I have had a very hard time working in the past and I have ended up in the hospital between work and personal stresses. I now am a stay at home mom and I have started doing some small...
  • BothsidesBroken

    One of the best days ever!

    Yesterday was awesome! Went to the final year of Carl Casper's Auto Show in Louisville. Spent most of the day there with my friend T. Decided, after having some Skyline chili, to go to "Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the Kentucky Theater. The Master's Affairs, the shadow cast, brought it home as usual. Went with T and K, both Rocky virgins. I made sure to mark them. I'm really really grateful K...
  • LadyPromise

    ? Hypomania due to lack of sleep

    Quetion is at the bottom.I did a dumb thing.  I watched a very violent albeit pretty good movie called John Wick.That night I could not sleep. I got 4 hours of sleep in two naps I guess you could say. That was night before last.Last night I didn't watch anything nearly so violent only watched Legend (Marvel Comics I think).I have a cold and took some cold meds.  My anxiety was through the roof...
  • bipolarkrazy

    Early morning

    Does anyone else have early morning racing thoughts?