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Cardiac arrhythmia is a group of conditions in which the muscle contraction of the heart is irregular or is faster or slower than normal. Some arrhythmias are life-threatening medical emergencies that can cause cardiac arrest and sudden death. Others cause aggravating symptoms, such as an awareness of a different heart beat, or palpitation, which can be annoying.

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  • AgentSmith

    what can this be?

    I posted in the afib group and never got a response so I'm hoping someone will chime in here.I'm a 36 yr old female in good health, supposedly. I had a very active lifestyle my entire life, extreme sports, etc. Sometime about 7 years ago, I started experiencing extreme fatigue that hindered my daily life. I saw specialist after specialist to try to find an answer. I was no longer able to do the...
  • pk227

    3 years of this nonsense

    First, I have to say how happy I am that I found this group.  I have been to 4 different cardiologists (I don't trust anybody) and I got more comfort from the posts I read on here than from any of them.  My adventure with irregular heartbeats started 3 yrs ago after a 5-day hospital stay for an intestinal blockage caused by scar tissue from gall bladder surgery I had 25 years previously (how...
  • Ganfalff

    Multifocal pvc's

    Hi, I just joined today. I have been diagnosed with multifocal pvc's. I have no idea whatsoever what this is. The cardiologist said I have ectopic beats from the lower chamber of my heart, problem is I am having far too many and he wants me to have an angiogram to see if there are any issues causing this. I have no symptom's at all, it was only picked up on a routine ECG. ( I had a heart attack 9...
  • skippedbeets

    Pacs, pvcs, svt and terrified

    Hello, I am new to the group and am quite scared.  I am having skipped heartbeats that feel like popcorn popping inside my chest.  I am also experiencing runs of skipped or fast beats....these really freak me out!  I have been seen by a cardiologist and have had a stress echo, a regular echo, worn holster monitor and had blood work done as well.  My heart skips beats daily. I experience all...
  • Viper

    Ventricular tachycardias?

    Hello everyone, new to this forum. Wanted to know if anyone suffering from ventricular tachycardias? Or arvc? Or anyone implanted with ICD
  • tylerfay

    Am I alone?

    I was 16 when I had my first episode of AVNRT. It scared me but went away before getting to the ER so it wasn't diagnosed.Ihad these SVTs off and on for many years. In my 20s I became an alcoholic and drank every day for about 10 years.When I was 27, I had AVNRT, and like usual I took the steps to make it stop. Vagal maneuvers, dipping my head in a sink with ice cold water. It would stop, then...
  • Bendra

    Beta blockers vs Channel blockers

    Diagnosed with AV nodal re-entrant tachycardia. The cardiologist ordered a cardiac MRI w/wo contrast and referred me to a specialist in ablations. I had an ablation about 10 years ago, which cured my PAT attacks.Holter monitor results show around 6,000 PVC's a day. They bother me mostly at night because I notice the skipped beats, I become anxious and can't sleep. Now, I'm thinking that they...
  • shellylabelle

    Sudden Tachycardia

    I had an episode of tachycardia after a large dinner on Easter. I panicked and took my verapamil and xanax. It slowly came down to normal. 9 days later, another episode at my daughter's doctor's office. Heart rate was high 140's and bp was 170/117. Took my meds, but took at least an hour for it to come down. My cardio wants to monitor me for two weeks. I am scared to leave the house.
  • shellylabelle

    Sudden Tachycardia

    I have occassional pvcs. Had sudden tachycardia after a large dinner. Took verapamil and xanax. Slowly went back to normal. Heart rate was so fast that I went into a panic.9 days later, sudden tachycdia again. I took my verapamil and xanax again. It took awhile for it to calm down. I am scared to go out. My cardio wants to do a 2 week monitor. Am very scared.
  • deleted_user

    New to PSVT dx

    Hi, I was diagnosed with psvt 2 weeks ago when I was rushed to the ER because my HR was 240. It scared me. I also have panic disorder, so that's the icing on the cake. I'd like to hear from anyone else who has this because I'm a nervous wreck!
  • Hi. I've been treated for years with Bystolic (a beta blocker) for inappropriate sinus tachycardia. Started to get a lot of strange palps so doc did a 30 day event monitor and found PSVT. He added Cardizem (a calcium channel blocker). Just stated on this...definitely has reduced my resting heart rate...a lot. Too much?Doc says this is kind of a stopgap while I wait to get into the...
  • medic2012

    Anyone had ablation for the arrythmia's?

    I've always had PVC's and PAC's. I've had stress echo's and wore an event monitor many times. This last time my cardiologist said they have never been anything to worry about but it is a scary thing anyway. I exercise alot so I worry about exercising. This time he decided he was going to refer me to a electrophysiologist (sp). I met with him the same day. Great doctor. He said he saw them and...
  • twistedpix

    Any tips on exercises?

    I was recently diagnosed with Sinus Tachycardia (fast heartbeat). Mine fluctuates when I stand/sit/lay down to dropping badly. I need to lose weight for my health in general, 258 lbs at 5'10". I just don't know what exercises I can do that won't trigger a spell. I used to love riding my bike, but last time i was on it I blacked out (before the diagnoses) and it scared me. Any ideas?
  • anxiousone

    Heart flopping around in chest like a fish!!

    I have pvc's and pac's. Have had since i was 15 and am now 40. Lately tho, they are seemingly worse. Almost doesnt feel like pvc's or pac's, feels as if my heart just totally gets out of rythym (sp) and almost feels as if im going to pass out...or doesnt last long usually but it seems like it lasts forever..been to cardio, had ekg, 30 day holter, echo, calcium scan score was 0 which...
  • deleted_user

    29, Pregnant & Scared

    I have been recently diagnosed with Second Degree AV Block Type II, (rare for my age). I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and have been having all sorts of symptoms. Dr's initially wanted to put a pace maker in right away, now they have decided to confer with specialists in Boston as to how to proceed. My life is currently in limbo, I cannot work, drive or hold my 2 year old daughter. I have had...