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Aphasia is a loss or impairment of the ability to produce and/or comprehend language, due to brain damage. It is usually a result of damage to the language centres of the brain (like Broca's area). Damage to these language areas can be caused by a stroke, traumatic brain injury or other head injury. Aphasia may also develop slowly, as in the case of a brain tumor.

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  • https://www.youtube.com/user/jonnicolfulhttp://www.stroke.org/faces-stroke/jonathan-nicolLeft unable to speak.Family : Dad (87), Mum (Dead Cancer - 2011), sister Alison (59), and sister Marjorie (53). Marjorie - REALLY and PROBLEM!! 2010 - Bank! Dad are expensive - can figures!! Majorie and Dad = Health Benefit - Dad. Housing ARE EXPENSIVE (LONDON), Jersey. Scotland = X , England =...
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    What best helps in this situation?

    On June 23, 2009, my wife of 18 years had a stroke. She is 41 and I come to find out that while shocked not uncommon. As a result of the stroke she now has Aphasia. We are just over 2 months out and I feel as though Im running in circles. After a month of acute rehab we have not started outpatient rehab. It has been a fight to get her to go. She has made improvements but is still basically unable...
  • aerie16

    Progressive Aphasia

    I am 25 years old and my psychiatrist believes I have a progressive form of expressive aphasia. Even typing that sentence took me several tries because letters kept coming out in the wrong order. Words don't come out right when I talk. I'm beginning to have trouble understanding people when they talk and my syntax is beginning to deteriorate. I have just begun a career that I love, but will not...
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    Perseveration with Aphasia

    Hey all, I'm Rod, I work for a brain injury rehab program in the Vancouver area BC. I've been working with someone who has verbal perseveration (stuck-in-set) with aphasia, I'm wondering if anyone out there has dealt with perseveration, typically stuck-in-set and could reply to this post with the obstacles you've encountered and how you support someone with perseveration i.e. your methods of...
  • willowangel

    Is This Site Active??

    With so many members, I am wondering why there is no one posting.Has everyone conquered Aphasia?I just joined because my husband suffers from Aphasia from a stroke he had in Nov of 2011.If this site is not active, I guess I joined the wrong group :(
  • Hello everyone,I am a final year Speech and Language Therapy student from De Montfort University. As part of my research project I am conducting research in to the effectiveness of therapy techniques in enhancing communication in adults with Aphasia. I would really appreciate it if you completed this questionnaire which will take 10-15 minutes. It would be appreciated if this was completed by the...
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    So I am trying to get a new apartment before the middle of September....but that is the only thing I've got on my plate. I'm in a relationship that is going great, he is my fianc but just trying to set a date and all of the things that go with the engagement.I also had a traumatic brain injury when I was 4 years old. I was in a coma for 3 1/2 weeks and I had a shunt put in. But now I need...
  • I just brought my mother home from rehab to live with me and my husband. She had a stroke that left her weak on the right side and with expressive and responsive aphasia. She can tell u when she has to go to the bathroom, when she is tired or hungry. Sometimes she can communicate well and other times not. I brought her home today and she seems more confused and scared. She is also mumbling...
  • I have been stuck literally ever since Moms brain aneryism burst Dec 3,2008. I cannot seem to fully enjoy Life. Often worry and cry occasionally about my Moms aftermath and road to recovery and her struggles. I am trying to escape this constant sadness and live life and be happy. But, somehow I feel guilty I cannot go visit and help Mom with learnign programs but once per month for 3 days/nites....
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    global aphasia

    which is as bad as it gets, not only effects communication but the ability to do simple tasks. now, i need advice, mother is in nursing home. no one understand aphasia, what kind of dr does understand global aphasia? my mom needs a dr that will take her case and deal with her in the nursing home.
  • I am looking to talk to other adults with aphasia. I am 60 years old and had a large stroke last July. I have expressive and receptive aphasia. I can't work or drive anymore and I feel isolated. I am hoping to find others in my situation to talk to.JEB60
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    Help for our family

    My 21 year old brother recently was hit in the head with a bat. Luckily, he survived the attack but now we are all dealing with aphasia. I need some answers please..what should we do, how long will it last? Im so sad..I cant understand what he is trying to say and it is depressing him so much. he shouldn't have to deal with this alone but I don't know what to do.
  • Just was happy that there is a place for us to vent. I have had aphasia for many years now. It was worse but it never ever left. now as I age it seems to have gotten a little worse again although I can still make scense most of the time. Or keep my mouth shut so I don't sound stupid. Seems like some people will pin me to everyword I say and don't understand I am trying to use a word I can't find...
  • I am now 50. I was diagnosed as having aphasia when I was 4. Problems were picked up at nursery school. There were three possibilites, I had learning difficulties (in 1960s the term was backward), I had autism or I have aphasia. My first memory of me not speaking was when I was 5 and at infant school. The teacher read the register out in school. When my name was mentioned I was silent. I was...
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    Recovery is soooo slow

    I so want my mother to recover from her near fatal bleeding stroke in Dec 08. It is uncertain just how much she understands and she cannnot follow the simplest of instructions. IE> Look out the window? She is fortunate to have recovered from any physical limitation although her right side is weak. To me, it is like windows of clarity open and shut daily, sometimes hourly. Just when I think she...