You Promised Forever

You took me under your wing,and showed me life without substances
You promised me you would be there forever
five years later,who knew you wouldnt be here anymore?
Why did you make a promise you cant keep?
I will never forget you,I loved you.
I miss you.
I will cherish our times together.
However you are not dead,but not seeing you anymore,feels just the same.
Time only makes it harder,time only makes the sting worse.
Nothing had prepared me for this ,its only been three years since youve been gone
I wish I could still call you my friend.



My two favorite lines are \"However you are not dead, but not seeing you anymore, feels just the same\" and \"I wish I could still call you my friend\". I love it. Keep it writing - such a great way to let out your emotions and demons - great healing process process. I love to read your journal entries. Sometimes I feel as if you are writing something I know EXACTLY about and SOMEONE I know exactly about. Love, Denise

this one really makes me curious to know more, which is good writing. you have a real gift whether you are writing our of anger or sadness which comes through very well.. wonderful