Yesterday was a weird day

Yesterday I felt like shit all morning and afternoon.  I was still crying for no reason and wanting to stay in bed etc.  I went to go spend time with my cousins, and it was nice, but I was really hollow feeling the whole time.  Then last night the lightswitch went off and I was in a good mood and talking so much I couldn't stop...that's gone now and I feel sorta both now.  Last night though I got the creepy crawlies and a body ache, kinda like the side effects from imitrex but I got all hot etc and it was weird to breathe and I freaked out took klonopin. I"m not happy at all but I have more energy.  I am not suicidal yet but I feel myself sliding in that direction.  If i didn't have any responsiblities to anyone, especially my mom, I would definitely not be here.  I don't know how to deal with this or communicate this to my pdoc. I guess I will figure it out monday.  I gotta fake happy all weekend though.  That is going to suck.