Yeah, that lasted long.

For those who care to read this, if anyone.
It's Baz. I closed my account in a rage, mainly because I was being told what I could and could not post and I what I was and was not allowed to comment on. It was all very distressing and made me think: "Fuck it, some of these people are not worth your time or effort."
Went out for the evening, came back and my accnt was closed. I thought about it long and hard and decided that I am not going to be bullied into keeping my views the same as others lest I offend. I am not going to be made to feel like a cunt because of my views. I am never to enter into a debate with someone who cannot argue objectively without sniping and generally being snide because of emotional ruling.
The thing that annoyed me about the 'debate' most was the fact that I can accept other peoples views, i really can. There is nothing wrong with decent debating, nothing what so ever but to be a debate, it needs to be two sided otherwise its just a fucking rally.
I dont know if anyone wants me back as a friend. Those I trust will know who they are.



Hi Baz!!
I thought it was you. Your music is so unique. Welcome back and I think respectful disagreement is healthy.

you know, i\'ve gotten upset and wanted to leave a few times... there\'s a lot of bigotry and ignorance here, absolutely. but there are also some good, decent people who are respectful and genuinely care. baz, you\'re an awesome fella! don\'t let them drive you away.