Wrote This When I Was 13....Just Found It!

she holds her and she rocks
soothing the sobs
avoiding the tender, fresh bruises
'it will be alright'
she pats the limp hair
stokes the sunken cheeks
looks into the flat, teary eyes
'it will be alright'
she eases the sorrow
dabs at the fresh blood
keeps the brittle, stressed woman calm
'it will be alright'
dawn is coming
warmth is seeping in
the sun caressing the streaky, drafty windows
'it will be alright'
when the woman falls asleep
she raises her self from the floor
leaving her to dream of horrid, painful things
'it will be alright'
she walks to the bathroom
the carpet is threadbare
it turns to cracked, yellowed tile
'it will be alright'
time to confront the mirror
look into her own eyes
see what she is scared, petrified of
'it will be alright'
her face is pale
her eyes haunted
she is just ten, short years old
she whispers to herself
'it will be alright'
but she wonders if it ever will.