Wrecked life

I am having a crappy week!!Saturday took the two boys to see a movie, they insisted we see a second one.  During which the older one started spacing out, hey he's a teenager right?  On bus home he was doing it again and got worse quick.  Had mother pick us up.  At ER from 4:00 pm to 1 oclock Sunday.  Docs decided to do a MRI and his mom told me to take her car home and come back to relieve her latter that morning.  At 2:20 or so I hit a light pole in the middle of the highway, it was in my lane, it had been hit by several other cars.  Got nocked out, was out of wreck by the time paramedics arrived.  I was freaking out about just totaling this woman's car.  Did not go to hospital, should have.  I am okay now though.  Still no word on what is causing the boy to have his problems.  It is like a fainting spell, he falls over to the left side, five to seven seconds latter comes to taking a deep breath and knows he just went out.  Has no memory past Saturday, except names of people.  He has trouble walking, seems weak on left side.  Will post more when we know more.