working out with a broken ankle.

I know I have responsibilities. I know I need to step up. I have a place in this world and the only thing holding me back is me. I've mastered functioning. Now, it's time for me to engage in love.
I can continue my workout with a broken ankle, as long as I protect the ankle. The rest of my body works and benefits from the exercise. I haven't quit smoking :)
The love I need to give begins in the church. The church has been my mainstay. My friends, my God, scripture, listening to the sermons, praising......
But, I know I'm called for more. They've asked me to lead the prayer on August 4th. I've agreed.
I am spiritual leader for Women's Bible Study and I coordinate the Women's Retreat, which would have happened if Mike wouldn't have died.
I plan to return to these activities. A new goal to return to old activities, so to speak. Of course, they will be new studies, new participants and an opportunity for me to call more to Christ and just be loving. All of my life experiences which have left me broken have prepared me for this task, but I still fear failure. I guess my greatest failure would be not trying, at all.