Woke up Worse

I awakened to feel more anxious and depressed after a pretty decent day yesterday.  I am so upset about so many things.  Sure there's a lot of stress, but I should be dealing with it better.  I took a half of a Xanax this morning and while I'm not anxious at the moment, I feel hazy and it's difficult to concentrate.  I am at work and able to be productive on the task at hand, but things are slow going and I'm not working at my usual quick pace.  
I'm scared about a lot of different things and can't think clearly about any one particular thing.  I've even thought about how easy it would be to kill myself, but I know that's very selfish and so I'm not there yet and hope it doesn't progress to where it seems like a viable option.  I can't risk screwing anything up, because things in my life truly are going well for me.  So what on earth am I supposed to do?