wish I found this sooner

Wow I wish I knew about this site sooner. I collect model horses and belong to a forem for that. Some people call it stupid but us plastic ponylovers are mostly a good bunch all sharing the love of horses. There is a forem for up that if we have a hard time with things in our life we can post it there. I told them that I suffer from a MI and personatily dissorder and have a hard time making friends at the program I go to. One of the people there directed me here and I'm eaternaly gratful for that. Now I can talk tp people who understand what I'm giomg through. Now i can have friends who understand me and I already made one! My week started out deppresing noe there's a light. I hope I can help people here and turn my problems into somethimg postive because I think there's a resion I suffer from my MI and BPD. One day I woul like to spred the understanding with the public by helping out with NAMI (national allince for the mentally ill) Pardon my bad spelling. well that's all for now, I have to get up early for my program.