Winds of change

It started last night. A pull. An inkling. I started going through my books and settled on CS Lewis The Joyful Christian. I read the chapter on Psalms. I could feel my spirit hungry for God's word. CS Lewis postulates that Psalms should be read like poems with verses. I grab my Bible and notice my journal beside my bed. I haven't written in this one in months. I was going to read Psalms and journal my experience. I read the last entry. It was the day my husband passed awy.
How he looked at me and I knew that he was exactly where he wanted to be, just looking into my eyes. I realized that someone else looks at me that way. I knew I had recognized the look. I got chills. "How God?"
I turned to Psalm 23, which I've read many times and noticed v6 Surely, goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
That's never stuck out to me.
Since then, the tides have changed. God is doing something with my soul. I feel it. I know this feeling. He has done it before.
I know what I am supposed to do for lent because of this.
I am very calm and peaceful, just waiting for the change that I feel coming. God turning my world upside down and making everything right.
I just have to wait and watch in wonder.