why bother posting?

I was on the Discussion board and noticed that someone posted how tired and awful they're feeling. When members replied and suggested some things like activities, the person responded that they've been around a long time, and thanks, but no thanks - don't people think they already have heard these "psych 101" suggestions before in their long life?
My thought is - what the hell are you posting for if you don't want people to reply? Granted, the person said they know the people meant well, and sorry, but they're depressed and grumpy, etc. But still, why would you post if you're not reaching out to have people respond to you in the best ways they know how? 
What a mean person!! I'm not sure why that post got on my nerves, but it did... If you're going to put your business out there for people to respond to, expect that people will respond, and not every response is going to be something new that you haven't heard before. They're just trying to help! 
Anyway, just venting. I think people try to help in the best way they know how and I find that often, even receiving a hug or just a kind word...just any response at all when you're in pain is enough to make me feel better.