Why now???

September was supposed to be the cycle where we started to TTC again. I say supposed to because AF has yet to show her face and I am now 7 days late. DH and I have been taking precautions the last few months and while I know that no BC is 100% I just don't feel like that slight chance is enough.
I REALLY don't believe that I could be pregnant (it's just not realistic) but I still have that little voice that says "what if." You know the one I'm talking about, the one that makes you go out and buy about a zillion HPT's and take them one after the other? Luckily I just got a shipment of HPT's and OPK's from earl-pregancy-test.com! I resisted the urge to test for a bit and did the 1st test Tuesday afternoon BFN. No AF yesterday and again yesterday afternoon BFN.
I guess I am wondering should I keep testing? Should I test earlier in the day? I know FMU is the best, but I just keep forgetting as I am not really a morning person! DH thinks that AF is just delayed because of stress etc., but I can't really think of anything that has stressed me out more than normal. I also have been feeling really bloated and gassy lately, which happen the last time I was PG, but also sometimes happens right before AF.
So on one hand I know in my head that the chance I actually am pregnant is practically non-existent. Yet, in my head I just keep thinking about all the things I've done wrong so far this month that I would NEVER do if I was TTC or knew I was pregnant. Has anyone else experienced this? I am really regular in my cycles and have not gone past 24 days in almost 2 years (except when I got my BFP) and even got AF exactly 24 days after my miscarriage.
What gives? I was so excited to FINALLY be able to TTC again and now this!!!!!!!!



Oh wow - nothing is ever simple is it? You have had a lot going on in your life over the past couple of weeks, enough to throw things out of sync ... and just knowing you\'re wanting to TTC could be enough pressure to make your body play tricks. It\'s a mean thing sometimes. However, there is that chance ..... FMU is definitely the more reliable way to test but I would say try and give yourself a little time to straighten out a bit ... although I know that kind of patience is so hard to come by! Of course I will be hoping and hoping for that BFP for you but if it isn\'t this month, it will be soon! Most of all, try not to panic sweetpea. With your recent loss and all that went with it, your body could just be resetting itself. You are healthy and are usually regular so there\'s every reason to be hopeful. Lots of Love to you xxx