Where the hell did this come from???

How do you go from feeling fantastic on Wednesday to feeling like you want to throw yourself of a cliff on Friday!!!! You’s think after all this time I would have the answers and the magic elixir to fix it. I usually do, bu this time I can’t seem to get my head in the right place to get it under control. My rage is a tight, sickening ball in the pit of my stomach ready to explode at the least little thing!! I have to keep myself isolated because I can’t trust myself even around family!!! I have that no hope feeling I hate so.... much. That this is like a desert and everywhere you look and no matter how far you walk, it’s all the same, no relief in sight. You just get more tired, less will to carry on. I want all of this to end. Like all of you, because I know I’m not special in this situation, I am at a point where I just might break and all the King’s horses and all the King’s men may not be able to put Humpty Debbie together again. Debbie