When you think you are over, it is just starting to hit you.

After five months when you think you are over the grief, it is just starting to hit you really hard.  I was watching a defunct show on TV starring the guy who was the lead in Three's Company.  He died inreal life and they put that into the show.  The family was just coping with his loss.  I cried through out the entire show.  I realized I am not back to normal nor am I healed from my own loss of Smokey.  Your days can be very many but something with hit you and then the tears just flow.  We can fool ourselves after five months to think we are better but it is not true.  We are still in the midst of the grief and sorrow of soul and spirit.  I was thinking I was getting better and able to join the work force.  I don't think see.  I think I need more time.  I thought I would share this tidbitb because I was surprised.  All the best and I hope everyone has a good day today being Tuesday, April 13, 2010.



Honey, take as much time you need. Every grief is unique and there is no time limit to it. Five months is only 150 days, how can you just \"get over it\"?

The guy you\'re talking about is John Ritter and his death had such a profound effect on his TV family that the girls who played his daughters had to go for grief counseling. His widow, Amy Yasbeck said in many interviews in the following years that the shocking death delayed her grieving process.

Hang in there hon\'. There will be days when you\'ll feel you can\'t get up and do anything and days when you will feel better. Take care and hugs to you...