what is something new you recently tried and loved?

This is the second journalling question from the cards given to me by my Stepmom.

What I have recently tried and loved was my yoga class. It felt both great and alarming

to stretch and exercise my body. Why I say i t was alarming is because I realized how 'out of shape'

I am. My body felt like a prison - so limited and stiff. It really was a 'wake up call' to take this

yoga class. I plan on going tonight to yoga as a way to celebrate New Year's Eve.


As an aside to this new experience, I am realizing that much of my own independent plans

are showing me that I struggle with feelings that make me want to stay indoors and enable

my sybaritic tendancies - and yet I know I have to push myself to keep to a plan. "It's for me, after all!" I need to

remind myself and no one's gonna take care of my life for me but myself.

I don't know why I have this conflict or tendency - but I feel the freedom now and the responsibility to grow

my life in a self sustaining way. My new year's spirit for sure!



now I'm feeling sour and discouraged. LOL but I need to stick to the plan. I realize that much of the time
during my days, I feel better and want to create something beautiful...at least I hope that will motivate me.
My management of life is just as valid as anyone elses. I have to remind myself of that, respect that in others and it also hopefully
will give me the kick in the pants to get on with doing things rather than slipping into a zen, lost in thought
vibe with just quieting my nerves.

Sibaritic. . . Mister Fancy Words managed to find an old word that I had to look up. People from three languages are aghast. None thought it possible.

I tried learning about Sybaris. Loved it. Thank you.
Community LeaderSunCloudJD

Yoga is hard Mark..... I am in lousy shape now but I used to go to a Stretch and Strengthen class twice a week and I was in good shape....

During that time I joined a yoga class and I realized how NOT good shape I was in...….It's hard!!

I think!!??…. I hope that I'm onto a diet/cutdown ….. I have gained so much Seroquel weight and I hate it.... I need to move more to..... I wish you well sweetie

Your stepmom seems like a really caring and kind person..... Big squishy hug......xo

Thanks Jan! My Stepmom is a great lady!