what i dont like about d.a./some things id like in a relationship

im just more and more convinced as the days go on. i feel strong when i read my journal comments, but i know i don't feel strong speaking to him. how is it gonna go this time?
when we started dating, i decided that i was gonna do everything in my power to not break up. this relationship was not gonna end. so instead of taking notes of why it should, in actuality, end, i ignored things over the years. because i had to make it work. because that was what i was supposed to do.
so, why we're done: 1) i don't like his personality or sense of humor; 2) we are not compatible intellectually, or parenting, or future plans.
i don't like him. i don't like how he speaks to me. i don't like how he tries to irritate me n push my buttons. it makes me feel bad, and angry. i don't like his smart-ass comments. he is a smart-ass, sometimes an asshole, sometimes a douche-bag. i do not want to be with a man like that. he also sees everything between us as a competition, like when i say something, he'll think i'm tryna sound better off than him, like i'm tryna say my situation is better, or worse, than his; so he gets mad at me, but that's not what i mean at all. our ways of communication are sooo different, we will never find common ground to be able to talk to each other. even with day-to-day conversation. we don't hear each other. well, he don't hear what i'm tryna say, n he don't fucking use the correct words in his fuckin sentences!!! if u gonna say "the fifth" then u know that's gotta mean the fifth of the month, NOT the FIFTH MONTH!! dumbass!!! he is such a dumbass! that is another thing i have been ignoring all these goddamn years!! he's so fuckin stupid!!! i can't bear to speak with him about ANYTHING!!! n he thinks he's so smart, n calls other ppl dumbasses n shit. he drives me fuckin crazy. he think he can go to college, but he can't even fill out a SIMPLE form online for his taxes without losing his mind! n i'm spose to stand by n be supportive of his going to college?!!??!!!
we don't agree on certain things that is important to me for us to agree upon. parenting; future plans: be it careers, residence, marriage; time spent with family; his non-willingness to help me out with certain things, as if he feels he shouldn't have to help.