What Can Parents Do To Keep Children Safe?

What Can Parents Do To Keep Children Safe?

Remember, the person who abuses a child is to blame for the abuse, not the child!
Always know the people who care for your children, including names, phone numbers and addresses.
Be actively involved, carefully supervising your child‘s activities.
Be sensitive to changes in your child’s behavior or attitude, paying close attention to your intuition indicating that something isn‘t quite right.
Teach your child to listen to his or her intuition or “gut feeling” and communicate it to you.
When your child tells you they do not like someone, ask them to tell you why and listen carefully.
Teach your child that it’s okay to tell, no matter who, no matter what!
Talk about safety and sex with your child, using proper names for genitals.
Supervise and establish clear rules and guidelines for your child’s computer use.
Educate yourself (read, listen and ask)



I thought I had done all the above w/my children as well as the daycare childrn. That creep was sly. He pretended to hide toys under his shorts. He put those shorts on when I had to be out and told the child to find the legos. See what I mean about how sly he was? The thing that made me SOOO angry was that I thought those kids were in THE safest place in the world. Everyone, including me, trusted him w/those kids and he lived under MY roof for 20 yrs.

You\'d better believe after that, I did enough research for an army, but I was met with resistence. I was frustrated, alone, and suffered from PTSD as did my children. Now, I want to announce to the world that they don\'t necessarily touch the child.

Yes, my Step-Dad had games like that that I knew were odd....I just didn\'t realize it at 7-8-9 but did at 10.