Well we're jumping out a plane

Well babe, it seems to have taken forever but our skydive to raise money for the Crohns Charity for you is finally booked. When I asked if anyone else wanted to join me I didn't expect 16 others to say yes! It just shows how much you meant to so many people though doesn't it? 17 of us prepared to jump out a perfectly good plane in your name.
We'd only do it for you though, you always said when you won the Euromillions you'd make a big donation to that charity and you wished for a cure so much. You never got that chance but we can help make that difference for you.
I know you probably think I'm mad and will chicken out on the day but you know what? Nothing scares me more than spending the rest of my life without you so jumping out a plane is nothing. I know you'll be with me probably laughing your head off and telling me not too worry about it. I've finally got something to keep me busy now too, 17 people skydiving means we have to raise a hell of a lot of money but its going to be so worth it. If the money we raise can make a difference and bring  even a fraction of the happiness you brought into my life into the life of someone suffering with this horrible disease then its more than worth it.
So keep an eye out for us 17 nutters on the 31st May, I bet it'll be one of the lads who has the loudest scream hehe