Well....Not Quite As Planned.....

The weekend, well, went.
We didn't argue the first day.  But we didn't really communicate at all.
The second day we argued over little things.  Our tire went flat, we had to fix it when we couldn't afford it.  We went to the zoo and he got mad when I didn't want to do all the things he did and vice versa.  Then at night I got upset when he refused to get up and handle mar so I could sleep.
The third morning we barely spoke, but we managed to get past it.
The big deal was when we got home.
He started crying...and he ACTUALLY TALKED TO ME!  It took me about an hour to get it out of him but he told me things he had been hiding for months.
Hopefully this means something positive.  And we will be able to go forward without clawing each others eyes out!