Well....Here I am...Finally

It is a "New Year" and I'm feeling pretty good about this incoming year.  In November my son's Father finally upgraded from financial, emotional and verbal abuse to physical. When it first happened it caught me off guard. He kicked me.... so hard that I was in pain for a couple of days but I was confused because I had never been kicked in my life so I didn't know what that was.  But he said he was sorry and cried.  Said he was scared I was gone.  He thought he'd lost me.  He promised it wouldn't happen again. Almost 2 weeks to the day he slapped me so hard it landed me across the stove trying to get my bearings back. Since then I've obtained a Civil Protection Order BUT since then he's hasn't contacted his Son at all.  No Christmas call, toys or wishes for his Son. I found myself a little worried, thinking I had cause the rift between him and his Son but then I thought if it were me there would be nothing he could do to keep me away from our Son. I'm thinking all this time it was me he was after.  All this time I was avoiding the inevitable.  I spent a quiet New Year's Eve at home.  New Years rolled in I was alone and I was at peace looking forward to so many possibilities.  I'm loving my new life!!!!