Wedding Invatation Drama!!

So an aquaintance of mine sent me an invite to her wedding.  I set it on the end table in the living room after reading it and went to work out.  Well, ever so mindful Joey, didn't notice Marlow was eating it until it was half gone.  So suddenly I have only half a RSVP note!
So I facebooked the girl, it's the only way I know how to get ahold of her, and told her that my daughter ate my invite, could I RSVP this way?  And her answer, I'll have to ask the groom if non-paper RSVP's are accepted.
Really??  Your gonna throw out the papers once you've tabbed it all up anyways.  If it's that much work then count my non-paper RSVP as a 'are not attending' response!  I just don't get people!



Are you serious?? I cant believe I probably wouldnt have even said anything and just sent the RSVP the way it was with a little note...haha I cant believe she said \"ill have to ask the groom...blah blah\" Some people are so weird!