website for acne excoriee
i want to do more research on this subject.
from the website:
"When the acne blemishes occur on the face of someone experiencing episodes of self-doubt, emotional turmoil, or low self-esteem, however, picking the blemishes can lead to a disturbing obsession that is self-perpetuating. A vicious cycle of eruptions and picking and open sores begins that can be very difficult to stop.... A fragile self-image may create an atmosphere where every imperfection perceived, real or not, is distorted in significance.... By picking away at the blemishes on the face, no matter how small, many people find satisfaction, as if they are picking away at their troubles or their emotional pain. Others pick because they are uncomfortable with the adult body emerging from that of the child. They cause physical damage to their faces in order to fend off any advances from the opposite sex who might find them attractive in a more mature manner than they are emotionally prepared to confront.