Waz up?

I feel if all my posts are rambling... makes sense to file them as such!
I made it to the winter DS poem finals with like the 3rd ever poem I wrote! Too cool!
I have my 2nd NUT appointment coming up on Monday... Am hoping to be down a couple more pounds. Sure would make me happy!
I need to take my measurements this weekend, before my NUT apt so I can update her.
I got the call for my endoscopy appt. Not till April sometime, but at least it will be one more hoop out of the way! And by then, I should have 3 NUT apts out of the way... Making me about half way there!
School has been hard this term! The adjustment to University has been tough, but I will make it.
I've been working on protein and trying to remember to put my fork down btwn bites, but easier said than done! LOL!
I have been working out consistently and am seeing improvements, however I have been is horrible pain lately... Left leg and hips and back and knees and ankle swelling... ***SIGH*** I sure hope wt loss helps with this stuff!