WARNING: Possible Trigger, graphic...it definitely was for me

(WARNING: Very graphic story being referred to here.  If you don't like those, please ignore this because I plan to bump this down one later.)
Dear DS diary,
Last night was horrific....there was no actual sleeping for me, only passing out.  And that didn't happen until well after midnight.  Feeling very cranky and loopy, which means I'm probably going to see what usually takes place after a night like that on a day off...I'll be barely okay in the morning while I help my dad take care of the heavy stuff, and then either my brain or my body, or both, will shut down.
It has reached the point where I cannot put together a solid eight hours on the days that I work anymore.
I am not getting any help from a story that broke on AOL earlier this week, in its sports section.  I'm going to try to keep this to a minimum on details but it's still horrible: In Brazil, in the northern part of the country, a fight broke out at an amateur association football (soccer) match a week and a half ago.  The argument was over a player's refusal to leave the field after having been shown a red card.  The player and the referee -- I will leave both unnamed, came to blows over it...and the referee happened to have a knife on him.
The player got stabbed, and he died en route to the hospital.  Before the player could even be loaded into the ambulance, an angry mob -- mostly the player's friends and relatives -- onrushed the field and went after the referee.  Unspeakable acts followed, and I think it is actually too much to say that it ended with the referee's head on a stake.  One man had been arrested at the time this broke, and Brazilian police were still looking for at least two more suspects.
Why do I bother checking news stories when I wake up anymore?  Not only do I not want to watch another association football match for the rest of my life, but now I have the reinforcer that it's not safe to go very far from my house to go along with it.  This actually makes me want to give up.  It really does.



Friend, I am so very sorry that this upset you...and even sorrier for that poor man...eesh, what a horrible way to go...but that\'s all I\'ll say on that.

This is the important part for you to understand...

This was an isolated incident. Isolated. That\'s why it made the news, you know? If this happened all the time it wouldn\'t be considered newsworthy. Things like this don\'t happen with even a TINY degree of frequency. That\'s what you have to remember, have to keep telling yourself, you know?

It really is a bright and beautiful world out there...it just hurts to see you shutting yourself off from it (I know, I do the same, different reasons lol).

Here\'s my present for you tonight :)

Good news!

There\'s a whole bunch of news sites that cover good news (yes, its real news, not collections of long-ago inspiring stories; it\'s real-time actual news that the major places don\'t cover because, well, hardship sadly gets more viewers).

Here\'s a few.

Huffington Post Good News: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/good-news/

They have sections on everything that yahoo or AOL or any other major news site has.

Daily Good...this one is more inspiring, they focus more on an audience who wants a \'lift\' in their day. Awesome site. http://www.dailygood.org/

Happy News...okay, yeah, this one sounds a little cheezy, but they have some pretty good stories. I would say this one is a bit like reading USA Today...lighter stories with lots of feel-good thrown in. http://www.happynews.com/

Fox News Good News...this one is more of a \'collection\' type site, but there\'s pretty cool stories there you\'d never find in a traditional paper or news site. Some are dated, because it is a collection. http://www.foxnews.com/topics/good-news.htm

Of all these, I would say that the HuffPost site is the most current, up to date and most like a traditional news site.

Now, can I ask you a favor?

Set one of these as your homepage. Sounds like you check the news each morning, so why not check it with a more positive spin? It might, over time, really do you some good to be constantly reminded of the good in the world, you know?

If something huge does break, you\'ll surely hear about it anyway, through a traditional news site or on TV or somehow. But just try it? I actually do this myself, to a point...I try to read through the \'top stories\' on the HuffPost site, then kind of skip through the \'regular\' news, reading headlines so I know what\'s going on without getting bogged down in the gory details, if that makes sense.

Just an idea...but one I really think might help you out.

Wishing you peace and lights as always

Great idea Summerwind.

I was going to say Journeyman that I also find the news very hard to deal with and as a rule never watch it. It makes me too sad to see all things that are going on and it also feeds into my fears.

I have come to the conclusion for myself that...I cannot help or change the things I see on the news. Those things are not in my control, so I do not think I need to contribute an hr to see the misery and deception that goes on in the world. Psychologist have said that children under 12 shouldn\'t watch the news. I don\'t think that any of us should, especially if we are sensitive or we let it affect our moods and behavior.

half the time it is just for sensationalism anyway. The catch phrase is --if it bleeds it leads. I don\'t like the idea of that.