Wanting to hope

Yet another good day passes.  Whats up with this.  I'm waiting for the next outburst, but I cant see one coming yet.  I mean I can usually get a vibe off him early that somethings up but nothing at the mo.  Its been almost a week.  We've been a great family.  I keep telling myself it wont last.  Of couse I want it to last and I'm hoping it will but I also dont want to set myself up.
But what if, because I am thinking negatively (oh it wont last), that this means that it wont last.  I guess I need to quit thinking and waiting in anticipation, and just enjoy the moment for however long it is.  I will pick up at the time when he's got a problem.  I guess I dont want to 'rush' into leaving if it can work out, but am I fooling myself.  I keep telling myself 'it wont last, it never does, this is just a lull' etc.  I've done  the reading and all that but still that little bit of hope jumps up and says 'just one more time just in case'



Oh goodness - I know that feeling. I JUST got over that week...*hugs*. Keep remembering why you are here in the 1st place...