Walking Dead

I didn't realize how serious Mono could be. Somehow I have worn my body down so badly that I can barely move. I felt like something was wrong about 4 weeks ago but I thought it was my thyroid. That came back negative. I started having alot of pain on my left side. I thought it was my kidneys so I started drinking more water. Then came the fatigue and loss of motivation to do anything. I thought maybe I was a little depressed. Then the body aches and cold chills came and I knew it was Mono.
So I got tested to confirm. Tests came back as a screaming yes. My lymph nodes are swollen and sore, my spleen is enlarged and working overtime. The fatigue I feel is frightening. It takes an enormous amount of energy to get the kids to school. Thank God I don't have to drive them. I would easily pass out. I feel heavily drugged.
My mind is a thick fog. I can stay awake for about 45 mins to an hour, but I'am not of much use.
I'am very angry. I had reached a point were I thought I will be in good enough shape this winter to be of more help to my husband and kids. I had Mono over the winter and my bipolar was killing me mentally.
After 4yrs I finally found the right meds for my bp and the Mono went away last April after 5 months. I felt great. Now I feel like the walking dead. I'am so angry I can't stop crying.