Walk a mile in my shoes if you never had anyone die

I say to those that have not lost anyone close to them to death "Walk a mile in my shoes."  It is not easy.  We just don't get over it.  After one month, we are just starting the grieving process.  Time is the best healer but don't put any pressure on me to get over my grief.  Don't give me all the cliches as I don't want to hear them because I am hurting inside.  I will not turn the frown upside down.  I don't want to put on the happy face when I am hurting inside.  I know my husband is dead and that I have to accept it but I can't just "move on."  That is ridiculous "move on."  Grief is different with each of us and takes as much or as little time with each of us.  Grief is an individual thing for all of us.  Time may the best healer but please don't quote that to me.  I don't need nor want another cliche.  It's ridiculous how some people who have not experience any kind of death expect these cliches to work on those who are grieving.  It is pretty stupid.  "Enough is not enough" when we are in horrible pain inside our hearts.  We need to cry.  We need to talk about it.  We need people to hug us.  We need people to let us talk.  We need people to take us out.  We need people to be here for us now.  Those who don't see us anymore because we lost someone are idiots who don't deserve to have us as their friend or family member.  People are stupid especially those that have never "walked a mile in our shoes."