Almost forgot i just wanted to get this out. I still have not found a specific SA volenteer roll yet, but i have found two projects that i can use my video shooting / editing skills on.One is for the CHAD foundation. they help get young athleats cardiograms to make sure their hearts can take the workout that they are giving it. Well they need some one to take their 45 min documentry and cut it down to two 5 minuiet and one 1 minuite peices for Utube.The other is The Humanne Scociety of Louisiana, wants me to shoot a training video, to help train prospective animal cruelty investigators with specific application to LA law. And during the same shoot we will make a PSA for them as well.I cant wait to get started, right now its all about schedualing and finding other volunteers to help out with the shoot. I am going to make the best dammed set of videos these two organizations every had!!!!



you are just FANTASTIC. you have the biggest heart, and i\'m SOOO glad you\'re my friend.

i\'m getting all emotional thinking about how excited you are to be doing all of this. it will surely be a Life Changing experience for you. make sure you let us in on the goings-ons. (btw, doesn\'t your wife work for the Humane Society? i think you mentioned that in an entry not too long ago. i bet she is SO PROUD of you, as is your son, as well they should be.) YOU ROCK, KEITH!!