vision seems clear

2morrow is my photo shoot.  im having pics taken 2 put on my website and biz cardsim very excited.  i am truly learning the art of networking and feeling the benefit of it.  the barter system is alive and well.  i really feel that my vision for my company and bizs is really coming 2gether.  i think i messed up b4 by trying 2 do it all alone.  that doesnt work 4 me.  i enjoy the input of others and working with others.  so its my vision but by networking ive pulled in others and it feels very nurturing and supportive.  and i c that some things will need 2 be let go.  i can do some things as a hobby (taking the class pics of the kindergarten children at my kids daycare) that may not b marketable.  i am not a prof photography and do not wish 2 b.  i can still do that as a hobby but i wld not feel comfortable asking for payment b/c they r not professional.  they are nice but not professional.  and i wld not want 2 study photography so ill kp that as a hobby.  maybe next yr ill get my photographer friend to take the class pics and ill make the background and such.  that might b a good compromise.  maybe.  i do like doing it so i can contunue 2 do it as a hobby.  i love that my vision is growing and developing.   im cleaning out the unnecessary and keeping and developing the necessary.  amenpraise the lord.  i am growing.  and im better at taking suggestions and criticism even.  i am truly taking things under advisment.  i think its b/c im accepting myself so im accepting others 2.  amen laast night i realized that i can worship at my old churchdo i want 2 return?if i can then am i staying away 2 make a pnt. to punish my husband?ill pray about itlittle by littlethere is no rushamen