Video Vault: Batlestars, 3/23/82 Episode

Today my journal entry felt a little too...wired, we'll call it, to place here, so I put it in a spot hat I felt was more appropriate.  It's on the College Stress board under the title "Classes, work, stressing about both".  If you'd prefer to comment on that here, that's okay.
For this spot, I've got another episode of the early '80s NBC game show Battlestars for you.  Always interesting to see how Alex Trebek hosted game shows prior to Jeopardy!.  A lot of his admirers felt he was kinda stiff on this show, but I think the real problem was the bonus game, which didn't have much to do with the actual match.
This episode isn't especially notable for the rare max win ($5,000) in said bonus game, it's rare instead because it features a then unknown, young comic known as Jerry Seinfeld in the only week he appeared on the show.  The rest of the panel is Nell Carter, Jennilee Harrison, Rip Taylor (who was the show's regular guest), Debbie Reynolds, and Charles Haid.
The intro is missing, but on Battlestars nothing ever happened in the first segment anyway.  So we pick it up at the start of segment two, with a match-decider question already: