Video Vault: 1987 Greater Los Angeles Open, Match 1

I'm having another one of my days when my noggin just doesn't want to try to put a journal entry together.  So tonight I want to share one of the best Professional Bowlers Tour matches I ever watched on ABC (even if, as with the other material in this occasional Video Vault series, these aren't videos that I have posted on Youtube).
During the 1970s through the first half of the 1990s the Professional Bowlers Tour was a Saturday afternoon staple on ABC during the winter months.  Bowling commentary teams didn't and still haven't gotten as good as the experienced soothing voice of Chris Schenkel and his colleague Nelson Burton Jr (who won 17 PBA titles over the course of his career).
Those two are the commentators for this, the opening match of the 1987 Greater Los Angeles Open.  Something special happens during this match between Pete McCordic and Wayne Webb that hadn't been done on national TV in 13 years.
The rest of the stepladder final is not on Youtube as near as I can tell, so I should tell everyone that the winner of this match lost in Match 2 to Mats Karlsson, who went on to win the event.
Here's the link to Part 1 of Match 1 of the 1987 Greater Los Angeles Open.  Once there you should see a thumbnail on the right that will lead you to the rest of the match: