Vacation aftermath

Wow, I wish I could have just stayed on vacation and not had to come back and face reality again. Well actually no, cause if I was still on vacation I would still be sick and that was no fun. I got sick about day 3, couldn't eat or drink much of anything and felt nauseous the whole time. My back was sore from walking around on concrete, stone all the time, even the sand is hard for me as I have bad feet. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I went on vacation; it was a beautiful place to be and I didn't worry or think of my problems the whole time I was gone. We had a couple of nice sunny days and I spent lots of time with my daughter and grandchildren. The whole time I just had one really bad day... wish I could get that one back and do it over but it was just a rotten day - even vacation can't stop depression when it decides to take over though most of the time I did great.
But then I had to come home. I got back to find out my cell phone was disconnected as well as my internet. I'm still sick and still exhausted. Even at work I'm getting comments that I look tired which I am, and my family noticed in my vacation pictures that I looked 'gaunt' as they put it (aka sick). There are things I wish I had done differently and if I ever go away on a trip like that again I will know and be better prepared. I also learned something about myself while I was gone. Not something I didn't already know probably but something I chose not to acknowledge. It's a fact in my head now and something I need to be aware of and remain cautious about.
I'm telling myself and everyone that it was a great vacation. Boyfriend keeps saying what a beautiful time we had - I just have to really work on not dwelling on the negative. I never used to be like this so much but that's another post, another issue, another day. I went on a vacation... flew in a plane... sat on the beach and drank pina coladas - what have I got to complain about!!



Aww, that\'s a bummer you got sick! (...and yes, it\'s OK that it was a bummer! Not everything has to be washed away with positive thought exercises.) At least you had a few good days and had the experience.

BTW, get new shoes. Ground is hard pretty much everywhere outside of Canada. ;-)