Updating My Status- Krissy

Hey so just updating my general status as far as how my life is going: I decided to sign up to a new school and start a new objective. I am going to orientation on Oct. 7th and from there I am taking some short classes until the winter. Schools in California arent doing that great. They canceled summer session and now we are in the middle of fall session and now it is being talked about that we might not have a winter session because of budget cuts. So Im going to school soon and taking a class or two before winter. I am going to at least 2 job interviews every week and still not getting employed. I am keeping my head up and still applying for a job EVERYDAY since March 23rd, 2009. I am growing tired but still pushing and have faith something will land on my plate soon. I am shocked that I havent gotten employed. I keep looking at my resume thinking there is something wrong and I am analyzing my job interview tactics while at a job interview and I cant seem to figure out why no one would hire me. Im pretty stumped??? My relationship with Joseph is going good. He is still giving me alot of support and is opening my eyes to some new things that I wasnt aware of and its good that we can both sit down and talk and find some plan of action.   



I am glad you are not giving up, and continue pressing forward toward your goals: going to school and applying jobs so proactively....good going, Krissy!
It\'s nothing wrong with your resume, it is the economy, nobody is hiring right now, the market is horrible, please hold on, and like you had said that you are holding your head up and having your faith , something is going to land on your path soon. Good luck !
I am happy to know Joseph is very supportive, May God bless you and him, and my prayers with you always!