Update to our situation

Hi everyone. Sorry I have been out of pocket for so long. There are alot of things going on, not very good. First of all, my sons and I had gone camping back on April 2nd. I sat down on a thick branch that was hanging down from a tree, and it broke beneath me. I fell and broke my wrist in 5 places. Had to have surgery and a cast and it will STILL be another year before it heals. I can't do much with it right now. With the cold and wind outside, makes it really ache. 
My 22 yr old son had his foot run over by a fork lift at work in June. Wal-mart laid him off a month ago claiming he had missed too much work from being sick and doctor appointments over this on the job injury. 
So now the rent is 2 months behind, we owe $200 on electric, about $100 for water and gas. I went to assistance, but they arent taking any new cases until you get a disconnect notice. Does THAT make sense to you? 
I went to the Trustees office. They will give help ONCE. But if my son or I cant find work soon, then what? Who wants to be living in a shelter at this time of year? Plus my 15 yr old and I wouldnt be able to live with my 22 yr old son in the shelter. So who knows when I would see him again. It would be breaking up our family. 
No, things are not looking positive at all.