Update so far...trial day

Ok, I have an update. His hearing/court/trial thingie (sorry for not knowing exactly what its called, I am not familar with our system) was this morning at 8:30. I don't know the results yet, because I haven't heard from him directly, only through the grapevine. (The administrator told me I could call later to get results) His own parents have not heard. They called me this morning, very worried. I wish the police could keep us better informed, but I know they must be busy. I did get a message relayed from him though. He wants me to go to one of his crackhead friends house, get his phone numbers notebook in order to call his birthfather, and then ask his birthfather to bail him out. While even I know this is stupid and I will not do it, I feel so unsettled. Weird. So I decided to list the reasons here I will not do as he asked: 1. His friend is a very unstable addict. I have seen him get loud and violent and I feel unsafe going there. Being a 5 foot tall female only increases my worry as I could easily be taken advantage of. 2. His birth father is a drug dealer, which is why he has $. I do not want a close friend of mine, no matter how much he hurt me, to be in debt to a drug dealer. I don't want his father to be able to control and influence him if he does get released. Also, His father is a penny pincher and I doubt he would bail him, but I don't want to notify his birthparents to their sons wereabouts, considering they are a part of the problem. 3. I don't know if being out is the best thing for him. Since I have been unable to talk to him, I dont even know if he even feels bad about what he has done or if he just wants out because he has been caught. When I talked to him saturday, he seemed upset, but not too concerned because they told he may be out by christmas. It seems that has changed since now he wants his dad to bail him. He may be getting antsy, which may be a good thing. Those are all good reasons, and yet I still feel bad...why?