update from the small girl in the tall Georgia pines.......

Hey............I came out of my cave to see how you is.  So how is you?
Me?  Watched Hachi, A Dog's Tale today - thought about the incredible devotion Hachi had for his beloved Human. I know the accepted words are usually master or owner, but I kinda think Hachi's Human sounds best.......yes, I got weepy.  Blew my widdle nose and weeped some more. 
My kitty kitties sure do love this human.......very devoted ......not to keen on having visitors though.  Annie prowled the perimeters and Rio HID.  Under the bed. The whole time.  Poor little chicken kitty.
Yesterday was very nice.  Filled the crock pot with roast, vidalia onion, big chunks of carrots, rosemary & other goodies early Sunday morning.  Left it to slowcook all day long.  Made the fresh strawberry pie. A very pretty pie!  Made a tray of nibbles......Italian salami, garlic hummus, colby jack cheese .......some Ciabatta bread.  Slid that into the frig......the folks at our grocery store are awesome!  They sliced everything to the perfect size......so all I had to do was fill a serving tray.  I know it may sound like a little thing.......but the bread guy for example, sliced the ciabatta in half down the long way & then made perfect slices.  When you have pain in your hands, wrists.....it sure is a ray of welcome sunshine to have things made easy in care of your day! 
I did make it to church......a wonderful message on words of wisdom.  One of the things we were challenged to do is create a list of things that are true about someone we love.  Write it on a sticky note.....they put a yellow sticky on every program to encourage us to do it asap! The pastor talked about one day when he was upset with one of his children.......he had said something he regretted.  So he thought, prayed.......and the next morning he wrote a list out for his 9 year old son......words describing positive admirable traits.  The pastor shared he had a teacher who told him that he had real leadership qualities.......and that he also had a coach who told me he would never amount to anything.  And both of those experiences were burned into his memory..........he wanted his son to know how precious he was.  As his young son read the list.......the pastor saw tears rolling down his cheeks.  He took Dad's list upstairs and placed it on his dresser so he could read it everyday.  EVERY DAY.  What we say matters, what we hear matters......we all need words of affirmation, praise and appreciation.  It's not about ego, it's about our humanity.......we all need the encouragement & TLC. 
They always honor Moms in such a nice way.......have the single Mom's stand ......the ushers gift them with cards bearing a special message - tucked inside each card is an unexpected $50 bill.........so they can enjoy a meal with their kids or something special just for Mom......hopefully not on bills this one time.
Sara has a bad case of bronchitis.  I wanted to take her home, tuck her in and chicken soup her for days.......poor little ice pop. She was so cold, but she said it was ok, cause after a day or two of being real hot, it felt good.  Her skin was COLD.......a very sweet girl stepped up to sing Sara's usual solos  - Sara played the keyboard.  She is devoted to being there whenever humanly possible......poor kid, she couldn't speak for the coughing/congestion.  Her is a sick chick.  After church she went home to nap, all the kids came over around 4.......everybody helped peel, chop, prep......cook, whip, mash and serve.  The sweet southern iced tea was just right.........the potatoes were fluffy, my Momma's recipe for baked beans were delish......the green beans were so fresh, slightly al dente ......the roast was fall a part tender.  The kids did the clean up, pushed me out of the room.......Sara made the whipped cream (man I was transported back to Momma's homemade touches all day long.......and Sara served us delicious strawberry pie with a fluffy creamy dollop.....nummy!  And yes, Derian was in the thick of it start to finish.
Sam did a bunch of helpful honey dos.......he figured out why the air purifier light wouldn't turn off.  I had vacuumed the black screen, but I was also supposed to vacuum the white filter below it.  Sigh.....screen/filter........I didn't know.  He vacuumed it & then the red light easily reset to green again.  Peace in the valley. 
Sooooooooo, he put the garden bench together.  It's a Garden Treasures Daisy Bench.  So cute........soft shiny yellow.  It's sitting on a corner of the patio.  Pretty!

I overheated at one point.........the whole back of my head was soaking wet.  Am I an old broken down radiator????  Is this a hold over from menopause?  Is this part of CFS or Fibro or ?.  Felt like the wicked witch in OZ.......I wanted to say "I'm melting" in that crazy witch voice, but I didn't wanna freak the kids out.  I was turning pink - my eyes were already a bright Sjogren's RED  (exotic look all around, ack)..... they ushered me into a chair and got me a cold drink.  It felt a lot like a hot flash, but I haven't had one in a year or better. sigh.  if this is TMI, I apologize......after church I changed out of slacks into a sundress cause it was so warm........didn't prevent the meltdown,  It was hot in the kitchen......but sigh, whatever  - I survived. (the readers on top of my head were all misted over, yup hot i tell ya!!!)  I was emitting weird little pain noises.........I didn't even NOTICE I was doing it.  weird,weird, weird. (they herded me out of the room.....turned the ceiling fan on high.  (LOL, so sweet, but funny too)
OHHHHHH, me oh my.  So Sam went upstairs to change the air filter.......he's flipping out, tells me about all these bug bodies upstairs.  WHAT??????  He uses his phone to take pics..........holy cow!  There are 20 or more dead wasps in his old bedroom.......& the bathroom was really weird.  Dead lady bugs everywhere.......on the window sill, floor, rug, in the tub..........aaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccckkkkkkk!
His first reaction was fire Carl the bug man.....but then he said, "Maybe not, after all they're all dead, they're not downstairs, guess we just gotta figure out their point of entry."  will this mean I need to replace some windows?  Please tell me no......maybe there's a simpler fix......???  Before Sam left last night, he vacuumed up all the bugs....so I could quit having the heebie jeebies......!  He flipped the ceiling fan switches back to cool......and did a few other things.  IF he does end up moving to NC I surely will miss him.......nothing is decided or definite as yet......but it's a real possibility.  It could be a great opportunity for him.......que sera sera.  He's been in meetings, scouting locations.......we'll see what unfolds.
Sam & Derian talk/talk/talked about all the variables of this venture......poor Sara & I were struggling to stay awake. We needed to call it a day.  Sara & Derian left around 9:30, Sam not long after that.
Glad to be home to sleep and putter.  Tomorrow is gonna be a still quiet day. My sister sent me a pic of the flowers I sent for Momma's grave........they surely are beautiful........vibrant spring blooms.  My niece Jessica had a baby girl yesterday, their 5th child......her name is Frances Esther Ruth - she has the prettiest wee cleft in her chin........and those tiny precious little hands. 
I'm gonna take a couple of days and practice the ancient art of REST.  Rest is Best........oh, Bruce called me yesterday to say Happy Mother's Day! (and to say he hasn't forgotten me.......his hours should cut back soon.......all that rain brewed more than flowers, i need a t-shirt that says Got Weeds?).  Thought that was mighty kind of him......he wanted to know the whole menu......he started working at noon and had to be there til midnight.  Felt pretty deprived with his usual sandwiches.......I'm sure his family missed him very much yesterday......ok all, thanks for joining me in a loooooooooong newsy journal.  love ya to pieces!   hugs, ruthie
(the boys sure did seem to admire all the flowers and plants yesterday.......& Sara said maybe Bruce can come dig a few holes in her yard?.......!!!  how can i break the idea to poor ol Bruce?????)



Ah yes, \"overheating\".......... each human comes equipped with an internal thermostat which keeps our body temp remarkable steady despite the ambient temps that nature tosses at us...........\'keeps\' that is until good ol\' buddy Fibro decides how much fun it is to watch us shiver & shake as a means of deflecting the huge drops of sw___t, or rawthar, perspiration that are making tracks down and across our body parts (both covered & not so!)
So at 74 I\'ve had to stop thinking in terms of any kind of flushes this side of the toidee bowl! Yep, it is all a part of this charming syndrome we never quite learn how to live with.............xoxox

The food sounds yummy, the sermon was good, there\'s a new baby in the family and your bench is put together.....the filter is working, the dead bugs are swept up, Carl still has a job, the bread guy did you a solid! Not too bad for a Mother\'s Day weekend there, lil one!!

So sorry your daughter is so sick. Tis the season! Certainly does sound like your thermostat is broken. Very hard to tell if that sweating is left over from menopause or just another niggle in your health situation. Either way, going from hot to cold in a big hurry is never any fun at all! Ya simply have to wear clothes that can be ripped up and/or reapplied in a hurry at all times. I just stay in the house!

You are so right, we all need to be loved and validated. The smallest things mean so much. May I add that you are a wonderful friend and writer. Put that on a sticky note for your frig. and write....Darla thinks I\'m all that and a bag of chips....cuz I yam!!! OK? OK!

Now I have to go eat something because reading this journal made me hungry! LOL.....nummy pie!!!!!

So, first, I read that you made \"garlic humans\" instead of \"garlic hummus\" LOL I need help. Then I found this for you: https://www.etsy.com/listing/122290763/got-weeds-t-shirt?ref=sr_gallery_2&ga_search_query=got+weeds&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all&ga_facet=got+weeds

I\'m thinking about you and hope you can enjoy the day!

Hug hug

I like your \"Hatchi\'s Human\" Yes! I don\'t consider myself a master to my girl Annie,she is my puppy dog and I am her human/pal/friend.. I try to be a good Pack Leader to her though.
Serce your Mothers Day sounded truly Wonderful! Except for the over heating and your daughter being sick.
Your bench I bet is beautiful.
My cats both the ferals and my babies all split when anyone comes around..They prefer just me and my husband. Annie is the total opposite..a real social butterfly my girl is!!
Enjoy your Rest friend. Hugs/Smiles xoxo