Unsure of What to Say..

In other areas outside of looming reunions...I've noticed lately that sometimes I just don't know what to say.  On several of the groups I am a member of, the parents of sexual abuse victims, the N survivors and even the HSP group. 
And, okay, I will clarify, that maybe I would say something, but that what I might say is not really what is needed (and likely not wanted) at that time.  I do my best to share my experience, be sympathetic, relate, and be helpful. 
I just find these days that it is much harder to not say something like...no, don't do that, such a waste of energy, or no, no, no, protect your child and stop the denial and wake up, or...I don't know, many personal thoughts.  Of course, I know and understand that I've been there, was that person, and also, that my experience is mine and not someone elses, and that I can't judge.  I was told a million times to get away before I got away.  My mom felt (although never voiced) that something was happening, but without any proof kept silent (her father sexually abused her older sister their entire youths) and I know that all one can do is support.
I don't know, just something I noted lately, that I see many posts, think about responding and just can't, really.  I don't think it is as much about not wanting to hurt the person, but more my own thoughts that someone else might better respond or that I just don't have that much energy.  And I guess, as far as my own energy level, this is a healthy thing for me.  I feel much the same as others respond to my journal entries and I never seem to find the time by the time I do everything else to respond to theirs!
Maybe there is a bit of me that does wish I could help more and is just now realizing that I have a million and one things happening in my life and that I can't always do it, and that is different for me.  I am so used to catering to others needs and mine being what doesn't happen.  All these changes and so many of them feel so different to me.  I think it is going to take a bit for them to feel more normal and to become just a part of my life.