uncle passed today

well, thats it sonny  passed away at about 1.30 p.m. today. at least he isint in pain anymoore. went to see landlord today w/ son. of course he was dressed like a bum. i cant beleive the things he does. he even commented on his camaphloge pants, which i thought was kind of rude. think he was trying to make a joke. anyway, we fought on way to school, again. its me. im so scared of it being like before, that i yell or get upset prematuraly. have to work on that. my mom used to do that to me and i was sick alot. i know its not good, but its so hard not to. its like i have a teenager and im training him for life. wish i would have done it when he was young. ok,, so veiwing on fri and funeral on sat. at least ill get to see oldest son. allready called him. im so glad its finnally over. now she can start taking care of HERSELF. dont know if she eveen knows how. she has been taking care of sick people for so long, i cant even remember. and the guilt. i hope its not so bad now. ok, will try to get back on before son gets home. thank you jesus for hearing my prayers. give me the patience to deal w/ son without soo much anger. i know there is a better way. in jesus name, amen