Umm OK I am just not understanding this,

     SO in the past I have had a bad relationship with the inlaws. I know I did things and they did things. i didn't have anything to do with them for a long time. i just felt it was better to just give each other space.
   Time goes on. My hubby's sister invites me as a friend on her sites and I accept. i do care for them I am just keeping them at arms length. I just don;t want to fight anymore.
 One of my hubby's brother loses his kids and my sister in law gets them. She has had them for 2 years. Those kids were starving and what else not under brother on laws care/ They are doling awesome in her care. She has her hands full she has four kids of her own and she now has two of brother in laws kids. She has a job and so does her hubby. I just think it is great that she can handle this. I admire her for it.
  So tonight we are on a mommy site together and she has mentioned that one of her hubby's cousin is gonna try and take the kids from her and adopt them, she was looking for advice. I had agreed with alot of what those other women were saying, that she should not worry because she has them and they are in a stable enviroment. So i had emailed her and told her how awesome I thought she was and how even though in the past I would get upset with her, I had always admired her. She emails me back, Why should you be upset with me now we hardly ever talk.
  My oldest son was behind me and he was like is she trying to pick a fight? My oldest son is 17 and he is pretty fed up with the way they treat us and he kinda got a little mad. He just doesn't understand. He said you gave her a complianment and this is what she does. I would not write to her anymore mom, Let her figure her own crap out.
 So i am venting. I don't think I was trying to cause problems but I guess, I was. I am wonder because i do bottle all this stuff in so my hubby and kids can have a relationship with his family is what is causing my panic attacks and depression to get much worst. 



It is good to get it out. Keeping feelings bottled up can only hurt more. I really do hope there is a solution in site. I wish you better days ahead.