Two Lost Souls

My cousin and I were talking the other night about us.  We grew up as sisters, sharing all of life's major milestones.  She is one year and one day younger than me. She is one of my only remaining friends (outside of a couple that live far away).
We shared the horrors and a wry laugh over how amazing it is to look at where we are and how the hell we got here!
She is a recovering cocaine addict.  She has been clean almost 6 years now.  She has shared with me her process, her parents dying really young (when she was 19) and being a teen suddenly completely on your own, being overweight her entire life, and finding herself in a very abusive relationship.  How, with this man, she just tried it once or twice and how fast she started losing weight just from that.  Then everyone is telling her how great she is looking.  So, just one more time.  In the end, she was stealing from everyone she loved to support her habit (including me).  When she was arrested, it was my book of checks that had been taken and forged.  She lost her job, lost friends and family and lost her kids.  She had hit bottom and had no one.
I went to court for her.  To be accepted into the drug court program here, someone (family) has to stand up for you.  Against the advice of everyone, I did this, believed in her and her chance to make it.
I think sometimes what a person needs more than anything is for that one person to believe they are worth it, even when it seems they've lost all hope, to see the real person underneath all the mess and to reach out and take their hand.
Through the messiness of my own life, I understand how low it can get, how desparation feels and exactly how easy it is to get there and to lose everything. As my cousin and I are rebuilding our lives, we struggle together, cry together, laugh together and even come up with $5 for each other when it is most needed.
I am so thankful that I reached out, that she was strong enough to grab on and pull herself up and that I got to be there the day her kids were returned to her and ran smiling, yelling "mamma, mamma, mamma!"  I am thankful that she has also been there for me in my darkest hours, reaching out her hand and helping me to pull myself up.
It is priceless and I am so thankful.



Wow what a wonderful and inspiring story, thank you so much for sharing and I am so glad you have someone and that she had you. God only knows what would have happened without you reaching out all that time ago.

You\'re so special xx