two journals in one day....blimey!

Step away from your brain girl....step away!  Understanding the what I/we have of it all is something else....thanks to one of you for mentioning that it was time to turn the calendar page to October...big hug! 
Last night as I was watching the movie I wrote about earlier, I had the worst pain in my ankle joint.  Nothing would relieve it, no position would help.  I was limping when I tried to walk, but today it is all in the past.  I took a shower and afterwards my skin was stinging like crazy....that's not right!  This is not the norm for me.  I took the shower to relieve muscle spasms in my back.  (the stinging sensation subsided in about ten minutes) What a whirly world my body is in.  Today's goal is to stand up straight.  The day is still young!
I am awake today....the most awake I've been in awhile.  Wahoo, it did not stop me from spilling milk all over the bed however.  Egads, another Purple Lucy Award for me!  I only (as if it is ONLY) have to wash the pillow shams and one blanket....the bedspread and sheets "GOT MILK"has a whole new meaning for me....I'm not really upset.
I was raised by a Dad who said "Never cry over spilled milk!"  Just get on with things....accidents happen to everybody, it's not a big deal.  Maybe that is part of where I got some of this remaining calm business......and all those childhood prayers on my knees at bedtime...."bless Mommy, an Daddy an my stupid mean brothers...I mean nice, big brothers and my sisters and my"..... 
I got corrected or should I say guided at prayer time....God knows all of my thoughts and my parents heard 'em too!  Children say pretty much everything that is on their minds.....well I did anyway. I used to plot ways for them to get sent to their rooms so I could have their toys all to myself. I was a stinker.  I needed GUIDANCE!
I swept the floor, that mat I bought to keep kitty litter from tracking is a BUST.  Boy do I regret throwing out the old one, it was in sorry shape, but it still worked.  Uhhhh boy!  I hate stepping on those small white pebbles...I have tender slim, ok fine....skinny feet.....7.5 or 8 depending.  I think I told ya'll this once, but prior to & when I first got sick I wore size 9 shoes all day long.  Still scratching my head over that anomaly....anybody else have shrinking feet since they got chronic illness of any kind? 
I threw out my last cooking attempt, it too was a bust.  I made meatballs and cooked them for about two years I think, should have sold them as weapons on e-bay!  I am ever I used my trusty cooking scissors to cut up some chicken breasts.  I lined the pan w/uncooked rice, then chicken, then pole beans, fresh carrots and slices of fresh onions.....poured boiling water/cream soup mixture on top (guided by wiki via the net), foiled the works and I'm trying again!  Sometimes I have success....and then other times I have popsicles.
My bathroom curtains are dry....hang on a sec!  I was tossing a bottle of mouthwash and um well the top wasn't really on like I liquid on cream drapes....and some on the walls....just call me Jackson Pollock and forget all about why I was throwing mouthwash to begin seemed like a good idea/an alternative to transporting said item at the time.
OK curtains hung back pack in place and the food smells mahvelous....might be my lucky day.  I'm gonna see what ya'll are up a double hitter, a 2 journal day, this would be a good day to buy a lotto ticket!!!!!!!
It is soooooooooooo beautiful outside, wish you were here!