trying to run from the clouds

I've been trying to stay positive and keep busy. It's a bit harder since the weather is absolute crap, but we made it out when it wasn't raining quite as hard. We walked about a mile to grab lunch and do some errands. Last night, we walked over a mile albeit in the mall.
Earlier, my fiance said he needed me to print some stuff out for him. I felt like the need to go and get some ink for the printer was a lifeline of sorts. I just thought that if I could get out of the house again and be around people; look at some "things" - maybe I can keep this post-trip positivity going. 
A friend posted a note regarding my last journal entry saying that her therapist has noted how depressives rely heavily on what they are doing or what they have done for their sense of worth. While I know this is true in my case - it's sort of a revelation that so many people - depressed ones in particular - struggle with this. Of course, I know everyone bases some of their self worth on what they do to an extent, but when you're depressed, the fact that you literally can't get out of bed and DO anything some days, really amplifies the connection to being able to do something.
It makes sense that since I've been home, I've been running around trying to "do" things to keep or chase the clouds away. I guess in light of these thoughts, I should keep in mind that I can only run for so long and that I have to be comfortable with being myself and not necessarily be so scared to sit still.
I told a friend recently how it was really difficult to go out on my walks alone because I felt like it was just me and my thoughts all alone. This is why the music has helped on walks. I guess I'm just really scared of being alone with my thoughts. I feel compelled to distract myself so the darker thoughts won't have their way with me.